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    Disney Planes: Takeoff Tuesdays

    Howdy folks,

    Let's take to the skies every Tuesday with a new video introducing another character from the upcoming film, Planes, from the team that brought you Disney/Pixar's Cars. Of course, I can't help but love what I'm seeing about this movie, headed to theaters on August 9th, especially since the lead character is named after me (or I'd like to think so). ;-)

    As you watch the trailers and get to know the film and its characters, try to imagine what it would be like if Disney rethemed Condor Flats at DCA to match this film. It's a near perfect fit.


    New character for July 9th: El Chupacabra

    Disney's charming caped Casanova is El Chupacabra. As a racing legend in Mexico, El Chu is known for his passion for racing and his dramatic flair.

    Join us again next Tuesday for more Planes!

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    Re: Disney Planes: Takeoff Tuesdays

    I'm rather looking forward to this (loved Cars, let's not talk about 2).

    On a film note, does El Chupacabra's character have a girlfriend who dies in a massive manmade earthquake or something?
    Woo! Spring is coming!

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    Re: Disney Planes: Takeoff Tuesdays

    I think you've just earned your wings with Disney, Dusty, as represented by their having unofficially named their main Planes character after the main guy that makes MiceChat fly! A newly modified name for the Soaring area is duely appropriate - what say, Dusty's Planes @ Condor Flats. Pretty snazzy, huh?!

    I do love the current Soaring Over California too much to bear seeing it go, although it could use a refubishment and updated features. As I suggested in one of my recent Planes threads, I would like to see a Soaring Over Cars Land and the USA film. This would include actual film footage of varous places of interest around the country, with the CG animated Planes characters serving as our guides. At the end, the Planes would fly over Cars Land.

    I look forward to your Tuesday Planes threads feature new trailers, etc., and I am quite buzzed about the upcoming film debuting in early August.
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