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    What about the Parks films?

    D23's live action panel a couple weeks ago was by no means a letdown. It had everything that fans expected (ex. any new Star Wars VII announcements) from Marvel to Maleficent to Mr. Banks.

    But there are a few films that I found myself questioning as to why they were not announced/discussed: the attraction films. I found myself still questioning the progress (if any) on the Haunted Mansion reboot, the Jungle Cruise film, and the Matterhorn film.

    At the very least, I expected Guillermo del Toro to say something after Pacific Rim's release, but as of now, does anyone hear of anything on these?
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    Re: What about the Parks films?

    Here's a quote from an interview off of slashfilm. It's from July and predates Pacific Rim, which may change the landscape.

    I’m such a Disneyland fanatic. I need to get an update on what’s happening with Haunted Mansion.

    GDT: Yeah, we are still pursuing a writer that is very hard to get. We are meeting with them. The problem is I don’t want just anyone to rewrite the screenplay. I wrote the screenplay with Mathew Robbins and I really want somebody that will bring a lot to it, but Disney is aching to make it and I’m aching to make it. If we could… If you know of anyone who can write, because I’m only going to produce it, I would love to hear.
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    Re: What about the Parks films?

    All 3 are stuck in development.

    Del Toro is no longer directing the HM remake, and has instead fallen to just producer. The project can't move forward until a screenplay is finalized and a director is hired.

    Neither the Matterhorn nor Jungle Cruise ideas got greenlit, as far as I'm aware. I believe scripts were written, but nothing was ever fully bought into. I haven't heard anything on these projects in years.

    Jon Favreau's Magic Kingdom film is also going through development issues. I don't think a final script was ever decided upon, but still has the potential to happen. Just not within the next few years.

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    Re: What about the Parks films?

    For a while there were so many announcements about different Del Toro projects he was either directing, producing, consulting, etc, one wonders how he finds time for anything. Would love it if Favreau can get the MK movie going.
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    Re: What about the Parks films?

    I hope he will be able to overcome the challenges as soon as possible, just because he has the passion for the stuff what he does. Therefore we would have to be positive in this matter.

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