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    Walt Disney Pictures "Dick Tracy"

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here to MiceChat, and I have an idea that I think would be great for Disney to use.

    I think that since Disney's "Dick Tracy" was released by both Walt Disney Pictures AND Touchstone Pictures (with the Touchstone version being the most common version as released on VHS, DVD & Blu-Ray) that Buena Vista/Disney should release, next Summer (to coincide with the film's 25th anniversary) a "Special Edition" Blu-Ray titled "Disney's Dick Tracy: 25th Anniversary Edition," showcasing both the Walt Disney Pictures AND Touchstone Pictures versions as well as a 135-minute version which, as confirmed by Director Warren Beatty, STILL exists.

    As an added Bonus, a direct-to-DVD featurette shall be included titled "Dick Tracy: The Making of the Movie," a featurette hosted by Warren Beatty showcasing behind-the-scenes footage of "Dick Tracy" NEVER before seen ANYWHERE else.

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    Re: Walt Disney Pictures "Dick Tracy"

    Anything they can do to add NEW special extra features for dvd/blu ray releases IS what is necessary, for fans to buy copies of their movies. It's unfortunate that they have become lax in the special features on recent releases.

    Dick Tracy definitely was unique in it's look, costumes, and has numerous great actors, . . . but I'm not sure there is a big following for this particular movie. Even with everything that should make this movie great, it is easily forgotten.

    maybe I will have to watch it again, after all those years.

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