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    Re: World War Z (2013)

    So the trailer showed during the Superbowl last night. I really hadn't had a chance to research it before that. I knew it was an apocolyptic theme and didn't know the author of the book also wrote The Zombie Survival Guide...

    How many more turns and twists on the Zombie theme can we get! I will admit this one is a bit different but the premise is always the same.

    What I did like was this (from Wiki)
    The personal accounts also describe the religious, geo-political, and environmental changes as a result of the Zombie War.

    This is treated more like a War on Zombies (hence the rightly worded title). Maybe more like Zombie Politics? if there is a thing. Not like The Walking Dead where its survival. That is a bit of a different take on it.

    But in the trailer man...these Zombies are pretty lethal...moving fast and climbing over each other...ick.

    This ain't your Night of the Living Dead - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.....anymore....Althought that one still gives me chills.

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