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    Hayley Mills beat cancer without chemo

    Hayley Mills quit chemo, used nutrition and alternative therapies to heal breast cancer

    Hayley Mills, 66, star of two of my daughters favorite movies Pollyanna and The Parent Trap secretly battled breast cancer for 3 years before going public in January 2012.

    This week she announced that she had surgery, but refused radiation, and quit chemo after three sessions. Now four years after her diagnosis, she explains how she is happy, healthy and cancer-free.

    “It made me feel awful,” she sighs. “I was more frightened of the chemo than the cancer.”

    After having surgery, Hayley says that she just could not face going on with her chemotherapy regime.

    “I thought how can I fight something if I feel so ghastly?”

    “I could feel it draining me and killing me. I felt I was dying.”

    “I want to be able to take charge and be involved in this battle. It was about the quality of my life.”

    Hayley, 66, credits her survival to the alternative treatments she used to heal her body.

    “I always say a tremendous amount of healing is in your own hands.”

    “What you can do to boost your immune system, and what you can do to keep your mind, body and soul healthy and positive is important.”

    She changed her diet, and cut out foods that might “feed cancer” including sugar, dairy and acid-creating foods.

    Then she embarked on a serious course of exercise and meditation.


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    Re: Hayley Mills beat cancer without chemo

    I have always said that if I ever got cancer, I wouldn't go through chemotherapy. I suppose a doctor would ask me why I wouldn't want to do everything possible to try and beat the cancer. I think Hayley Mills is very brave. I am happy that her course of action has had positive results. I hope I never have to test her theory for myself.
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    Re: Hayley Mills beat cancer without chemo

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