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    Casting questions.

    I've been through the entire casting process, and offered honestly the BEST job I could have asked for, but due to unfortunate circumstances I'm unable to get situated in Orlando in enough time.

    I was put on the wait-list for bartender, which delayed moving from South Florida to Orlando a bit and the house we were looking into fell through. I was also under the impression that the wait-list was going to take much longer (I got a call back in less than a month) and that I would have had enough time to reevaluate moving.

    I'm under a lot of pressure to move my life in two weeks now as I am supposed to start Traditions on May 3rd.

    What do you think the chances of declining the job and re-applying in the future with success would be?
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    Re: Casting questions.

    I would just call, explain your situation, and see if they could help you get to Orlando. Maybe live in CM housing while you look for your own place.
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