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    A New UK Disney Podcast

    Not sure whereabouts to post this so I have put it on here.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I have been priviledged enough to become part of a new team that is going to be producing the first ever (we think) UK Podcast all about Disney! It is called BritMouse and the link to the podcasts official website is

    So far 3 episodes have been created and posted into the iTunes website. Episode 4 is in the works and will be on the way soon. I am writing this for 2 reasons.

    1) Please help make it worth our while by subscribing to the podcast. We are putting a lot of hard work into the show and it would be good to know people are listening

    2) It would be good to know what sort of things people would like to hear from the podcast. This is not just a UK thing. We would like to hear from US listeners too.

    3) Please sign up to the site so that we can send updates and news to all listeners about how the show is going.

    Let me give you detail as to what the podcast is going to be about. There is, as far as we know, no other UK based Disney podcast to do with the parks and the world of Disney in General. We aim to bring a Brits perspective on many different areas of the Disney World including looks at and comparisons of DLP, WDW and DL.

    The show will be a bi weekly offering. It will include round table discussions, park audio, Fun facts and information as well as a Disney Trivia Quiz that the whole family can join in with. It will also give you some fun facts about rides and attractions you might not know about.

    There will also be listener emails and listener suggested segments too. We want it to be a podcast for the people rather than something we want to do. It will become something that people want to listen to and enjoy.


    Episode 4 is now available to download. It is just Lee on this episode and he is taking a look at Main Street USA in DLP. He is also looking at the new U-Repair Wall-E and and the brand new Wall-E computer game.

    The next show will be up in the next 2 weeks so make sure you subscribe. Just to give you a sneak peek it is likely to include A look at DLP's Discoveryland, the first edition of the BritMouse Trivia Quiz and a Disney secret on how to save money on future DLP trips. There will also be loads of other content for the other parks and much much more.

    I look forward to hearing from you all and hope we can do the best for all the listeners to the BritMouse podcast. I shall also keep people updated by this site.

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    Re: A New UK Disney Podcast

    No one wants to listen to my podcast!!!!

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    Re: A New UK Disney Podcast

    That's not true. Just give people time to respond. Your OP was just yesterday.

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