1. How many times have you been to Disney World?

2. When you have stayed "on property", which resort did you feel gave you the best value for your money?
Never stayed in a "Disney" hotel...only time I have stayed within WDW was at the Hilton.

3. What resort have you never stayed at, but would love to?
Animal Kingdom Lodge

4. Which of the 4 theme parks is your favorite?
Animal Kingdom

5. What activity do you like to do, when you aren't at a theme park?
Eating at Earl of Sandwhich

6. What is your all time favorite thing to "eat" when you are on vacation at Disney World?
see above (haven't tried any of the fancy restaurants yet)

7. Which park do you think has the best icon?
Magic Kingdom (though Epcot and Animal Kingdom are hardly second best).

8. Which park has the best E-Ticket? Name the E-ticket?
Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Tower or Terror, Kilimanjaro Safaris, maybe Expedition Everest (when all the effects are working)...are all superlative, couldn't choose between them. Hope to add Space Mountain to the list after the needed refurb. I'd put Journey Into Imagination at the top of the list if they hadn't destroyed it.

9. Of all the shows, and night-time entertainment at Disney World, name your favorite, and a runner up.
Spectro Magic, Fantasmic. La Nouba would be # 1 if that counts.

10. What is your favorite character meal. If, and when, you don't do character meals, where is your favorite place to enjoy a sit down meal?

11. How many days do you feel is the "ideal" Disney World vacation?
More than I can afford.

12. What time of the year, have you not visited Disney World, but you would like to in the future?
Only time of year I haven't visited is Fall...but that time of year doesn't hold any special attraction for me.

13. Name one thing that you have never done, but hope to be able to "squeeze in" on your next Disney World vacation?
There are still a number of rides I haven't been on but that will change soon now that I am living in FL.

14. Of all the ways to "get around" at Disney World, name your favorite mode of transportation.
Car (except for the parking fees).

15. Is there one "secret, or hidden gem" that you have discovered that you would like to pass on to other Disney World visitors?
Can't say I have.

Now I am off to ponder my own answers. I thank you for your time.
Yer welcome.