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    Country Bear Christmas Show Disney Confusion

    So I went onto PhotoPass to look at my most recent photos taken actually at the World of Disney in NYC and I noticed that there is a whole section of photo galleries of each of the US parks and so on. There is one category for Holidays at the parks. While looking through it, I was really surprised to find that two photos are from the CBJ Christmas show.

    I find it sad that they don't want to spend the money each year to do the overlay that so many of us like, but they don't mind keeping memorabilia out there that they can make a profit on.

    Bottom line: Bring back the Christmas show if you are gonna provide pictures to the public of them!!

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    Re: Country Bear Christmas Show Disney Confusion

    There was another thread discussing the upcoming refurb of Country Bear Jamboree at WDW, and someone said there is a possibility that the Christmas show might return this year.

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    Re: Country Bear Christmas Show Disney Confusion

    I contacted Disney both last year and the year before about the non show of a Christmas CBJ. The phone call I received told me the reason for not doing the Holiday show was because "people travel from vast distances around the globe to come to WDW and they had taken the decision that those guests should see the performance in its original form."
    Now whether you want to swallow that as a reason or an excuse.....................

    My fingers are crossed that the Christmas show returns this year.
    Now I'll turn that little mouse's dream into a nightmare Fantasmic !

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    Re: Country Bear Christmas Show Disney Confusion

    Start quoting advertising terms about Wishes! and ask why they're robbing you of the chance to see the original showing of Wishes! with this holiday makeover in its place next time you call

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    Re: Country Bear Christmas Show Disney Confusion

    ^^^ Ooooooohhhh!!! I like that!

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