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    Re: Kenny the Pirate's Park Hopping Adventure

    Have a ball, wish we could join ya - we did a 4 park hop last Friday (actually 5 if you count our 2nd trip to DHS) that included every form of transportation as well; Walkway, Bus, Boat, Monorail, Tram and Car.

    1. Walked to DHS from our Epcot resort
    2. Bus to AK
    3. Bus back to DHS (had to get another Toy Story MM ride in)
    4. Boat to Epcot
    5. Walked back to our Epcot resort
    6. Drove to MK parking
    7. Tram to TTC (optional if you park close enough to walk)
    8. Monorail to MK
    Began at 7:00am and Ended at 3:00am
    Please Note: EMH not required but definitely suggested

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    well thats none of your buisness

    Re: Kenny the Pirate's Park Hopping Adventure

    ok, so your going, I can not meet up with you, but.... you better take lots of pics! stuff besides the tree I am going so I would love pictures of the front gate.. and walking into the park etc. ( I have never been so I am lookng for good pics to look. how about the out side of dinasaurs, orother rides ( besides the yeti
    thanks I look forward to seeing the pictures!!

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    Re: Kenny the Pirate's Park Hopping Adventure

    I'm actually hitting 3 parks in one day when I go next week. Going to start my day at the Studios, then take the boat to EPCOT, then finally take the monorail to MK for the rest of the day/night.

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