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    WDW Resort Hotels To Offer Gas Rebate Incentives

    Add a resort at Walt Disney World to the list of hotels using gas rebates to lure guests.
    The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort said Monday it will randomly pick a guest for a gas rebate of $1 for every mile driven roundtrip.
    The resort has a contract with Walt Disney Co. to use the name, but is owned by Tishman Realty & Construction Corp. and MetLife.
    The offer will stand for each week through Labor Day and is only available to Florida residents. A guest driving to the resort from South Florida could potentially pocket up to $800, according to the company.
    Guests who drive hybrid cars will also get free valet parking if selected for the rebate.
    The Swan and Dolphin resort isn't the first to try to ease soaring gas prices for potential customers.
    In April, Loews Hotels began offering $50 gas rebates for guests at its Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego. The deal is part of the hotel's "Money for Miles" package, which includes a one-night stay at the resort. Included in the package is a list of the area's cheapest gas stations.
    The Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers is offering free parking and a $25 gas credit as part of a promotion for guests the weekends of Aug. 22 to Aug. 25 and Aug. 28 to Sept. 2. Hyatt Hotels & Resorts is also offering $25 gas gift certificates at multiple locations.
    The Eldorado Hotel & Spa in Sante Fe, N.M. is giving guests who present a gas receipt up to $50 in food and drink credit through Sept. 6.
    Soaring gas prices have prompted a range of businesses _ including auto makers and even baseball teams _ to offer gas incentives in the past year.

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    Re: WDW Resort Hotels To Offer Gas Rebate Incentives

    Interesting. This seems a bit unfair that it's only for Florida residents. Although most other guests are probably flying, what about the guest driving from Texas or New Mexico? Also, I don't see how there's any way to prove how far you are driving. Although the Swan and Dolphin is doing this, I can't see the actual WDW resort hotels doing a gas rebate.

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