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    What is the most $$$ you've spent in the park?

    I know how it happens, you walk into WDW expecting a relaxing calm day and before you know it, you've spent your life savings on egg rolls, Pal Mickey, and other items. (Let me just clear up that I have never purchased a Pal Mickey. K?)

    Whether you're a local or visiting the park, the Magic Kingdom has a way of Magically cleaning your wallet. The most I've spent in the park was $3200, but that was because I took all of my employees for a treat in the park... long story. Realistically I usually spend about $100.

    What about you? Has anyone ever unknowingly spent an ungodly amount?

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    Re: What is the most $$$ you've spent in the park?

    I am afraid I am not that big a spender. I once bought a framed autograph of the voice of Snow White for my anniversary at DMGM. It cost $325. That was the most I have spent on a souvenir.
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    Re: What is the most $$$ you've spent in the park?

    I spent a cool grand in 2 days last week, then it was off ta Target to buy supplies for the hotel suite!

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    Re: What is the most $$$ you've spent in the park?

    I don't get into the big souvenirs, although I'd love to be able to. But I will splurge on food. I'll drop $100+ on dinner for one (!) at the California Grill or the Coral Reef, and consider it money well spent.

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    Re: What is the most $$$ you've spent in the park?

    Last year we atended the "999 Happy Haunts" event, and we both bid on quite a few of the limited edition merchandise items, fully expecting that we'd be lucky if one of us got our first preference items.

    As it turned out, we both won everything we listed, so we ended up with a huge number of boxes we had to try and cram into our luggage, as well as about $500 being charged to our credit card, totally unbudgeted for on our trip!

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    Re: What is the most $$$ you've spent in the park?

    I didn't buy it, but this year, my family got one of those cool 3D Crystal things you see at the end of Image Works. I myself don't usually buy expensive things...I spend my money on smoothies and strawberry shortcakes. If it wasn't for the plane though (and having to only get stuff that can fit in the suitcase), I would get parts of the monorail set (of course, I can just take a train to the WoD store in NYC...but it wouldn't be the same)

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