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    2009 Daytime Parade

    Since theannouncement of the "What Will You Celebrate?" campaign there was no mention of the entertainment offerings except for "Celebrate Today" is seems as though the current daytime parades at the parks will remain for another year. Do you think that the "Disney Dreams Come True Parade" will get a new name for 2009?...something like "Disney's Magical Celebrations Parade"

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    Re: 2009 Daytime Parade

    "Disney's Celebrate Anything You Want as Long as You Celebrate it Here and Spend All Your Money Parade!"

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    Re: 2009 Daytime Parade

    Quote Originally Posted by aimster View Post
    "Disney's Celebrate Anything You Want as Long as You Celebrate it Here and Spend All Your Money Parade!"
    ...with a loop!
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    Re: 2009 Daytime Parade


    I just got back from the convention for Authorized Disney Vacation Planners and they told us a little bit about the new parade. They said they are not going to have the same daytime parade and the new one will be similar to "Block Party Bash".

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    Re: 2009 Daytime Parade

    From what I've heard, this daytime show, Celebrate Today! I believe will be its name, will be played in addition to the Disney Dreams Come True Parade. However I hear another new soundtrack, name, & possible new elements for the parade may be happening.

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