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    Question Water Parks in January

    Okay, silly question.

    I'm heading to the parks in the beginning of January to take advantage of the quiet season. I've never been there in the middle of winter before, and was wondering if it's warm enough in Florida at that time to go to the water parks? says the average high is 72 in January...what have your experiences been? My wife is a big Typhoon Lagoon fan, and would be heartbroken if it's too cold...


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    Re: Water Parks in January

    We went this past January and it was fine for us but we are canadians, lol, depends on what you consider cold but in our opinion it was fine!


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    Re: Water Parks in January

    are they even open then? I thought they closed in like, Nov.

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    Re: Water Parks in January

    they alternate in the winter.. one closes for refurb.. then that one opens the other closes.

    72 is pretty cold for pool weather IMO - but its all relative to you. I mean.. last week I was with people swimming in 45-50 deg water and they thought it was great :o So your mileage may vary
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    Re: Water Parks in January

    BRRRRRRRR right now I am so cold I could not even think about swimming. its 28 degree's right now, my hands are cold my feet are cold. OMG I am cold!!!!!! 72 is way to cold to swim

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    Re: Water Parks in January

    Too cold for me...winter days in Orlando are pleasant but cool, however nights can get quite chilly. Best time to visit WDW is spring or fall.
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    Re: Water Parks in January

    According to the calendar at, Typhoon Lagoon is closed October 26, 2008 - March 21, 2009.

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