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    Walt Disney World International Airport?

    Imagine WDW having it's own airport?

    Was Walt Disney planning for an airport on the property before he died too?

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    Re: Walt Disney World International Airport?

    Actually he was. Others here have more information on it though, so I'll let them give you the 411.

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    Re: Walt Disney World International Airport?

    Yes, building an international airport on property was seriously considered. It was supposed to be the "airport of the future". But by today's standards, it was nothing special.

    There is a STOLport parallel to World Drive by the TTC that was used quite extensively from the late 60s - mid 80s. Shawnee airlines ran frequent flights betwwen the STOLport and McCoy. The strip still exists today but has been decomishioned as an airfield.

    Up until 2000, an ultralight park existed just south of EPCOT. The Legendary Years section of Pop Century now sits in its place.

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