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    Concierge level at Poly? Yes or No and why?

    Trying to decide if it is worth it to pay $$$$ to stay at a concierge level room at Poly this coming June. There will be 2 adults and 2 kids, and we expect to spend some time at the resort.

    We're getting the dining plan, so food while in the park isn't an issue, but we are very tempted by the snacks and wine by the concierge level. It's about $45/day per person more, but I haven't been able to figure out if we would actually spend that much.

    On the other hand...we could easily go through that much in beer and wine....

    Any thoughts? Thank you!

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    Re: Concierge level at Poly? Yes or No and why?

    When the wife and I went on our Honeymoon we stayed at the Poly. I booked a garden view at a discounted price but found out when we got there tat we were upgraded to the Concierge level Magic Kingdom view. Much better in my opinion. The Concierge lounge is in the Hawaii Longhouse (where we were). There is snacks and food and beverages all hours of the day. It actually saved us money as we ate breakfast in the lounge every morning. We were on the dining plan as well and I HIGHLY suggest you set up your dining reservations ASAP. I know this can regimentize your stay, but if you plan your park visits around where you have reservations, it goes alot smoother.

    Concierge is well worth it, however if you are going to celebrate something, I suugest finding a discount code and seeing if you can get an upgrade. We did, though its not something to count on. It just a possibility.

    Tikiman has a good site dedicated to the poly with views from each longhouse and general layout of the rooms. My TR thread has some pics of the rooms. Tikiman has some as well, I think.

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    Re: Concierge level at Poly? Yes or No and why?

    The Poly has what is considered one of the best Concierge teams on property. Also the concierge lounge faces the Magic Kingdom and pipes in the music to the nightly fireworks show. This alone would be a great touch to the end of a long day!
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