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    Quick meal plan question

    Super excited because I booked my next trip the other day and got it so super-ridiculously cheap it isn't funny. I'm going for 8 nights and 9 days including the arrival and departure date, so I believe I get 8 days worth of dining plan, correct? And does it become available the moment I check in, so I can use it the night we get there? And is it still available on the day we checkout in the morning so I can use it for lunch on that 9th day? (I think I heard something about it stays active until midnight on the day you check out. Just wanna make sure it's active over this entire period and not just for a certain set of 8 days)

    And not that pricing matters for the meal plan but am I wrong in noticing the Hollywood & Vine character breakfast is more expensive than the Grand Floridian one and offers less?:P

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    Re: Quick meal plan question

    Yes you can use it as soon as you check in and receive your "key to the world" card! and again yes you can use it ont he day you check out also! I know this because have done both!

    Have a great trip!!

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