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    Re: Can Universal Orlando take over Disneyworld as best place to vacation in Orlando?

    When I last went to WDW they were building the MGM Studios. We took one day and went to Kennedy Space Center. We have Sea World in California but we don't have a place where they launch rockets (well we do over at Vandenburg AFB but I can get thrown in jail for trying to get on base without the proper credentials) so that's why we didn't go to Sea World.

    Now, with USO I would probably take time to go there because I do know that they have attractions that I cannot experience at USH so I would like to experience them.

    But I would still stay on WDW property and spend the majority of my time there.

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    Re: Can Universal Orlando take over Disneyworld as best place to vacation in Orlando?

    [quote=albino_pygmy;3288691]Ok, before I put on my angry face, let me just say that I feel that everyone's opinion in that they can't visit another theme park because the simple fact that it isn't Disney, is just wrong. Sure, you do see that Universal does have great attractions and theming, but yet, you refuse to see them because there's no mouse attached?

    Lemme get this through to you, and all those "loyal Disney fanatics" out there, you won't make Mickey cry if you visit other places, there's nothing wrong with seeing what others have to offer. Chances are, you'll have a great time in another place. Not to mention, the thrill of seeing a brand new place you've never seen before. Remember the first time you visited Disney? Would you like to experience the thrill in seeing a brand new place again? Go for it! Just go in with a fun outlook, and don't compare it to Disney. If you start thinking Disney, you're missing out on what's in front of you which is just as great as Disney. The biggest pet peeve of mine is to see how people can be so narrow minded like that in not wanting to visit anywhere else because it's not Disney. The second pet peeve is when they "get dragged into visiting another place and felt like they were betraying Mickey and I hated Universal, but I loved Spiderman and MIB, and the other things, but I hated Universal!!!"

    I'm interested in visiting other places, just not theme parks. For me, going to WDW isn't strictly a theme park experience.

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    Re: Can Universal Orlando take over Disneyworld as best place to vacation in Orlando?

    Quote Originally Posted by aakdisneydreamer View Post
    I just had to answer ChrisFl:
    It's true that Universal might be popular with families with teens, but what is there to do that a whole family can do together where everyone is going to enjoy it? What sets Disney apart in my mind in that catagory is that the whole family, from the grandparents down to the grandkids, can have fun together.
    Another reason why Universal probably won't beat Disney is brand recognition. Disney is an extremely strong brand that people identify with becuase they've grown up watching it's movies and TV shows, listening to it's music and playing in it's parks. It becomes a way of life to so many people.
    And one last bit, as for "family friendly Universal"? The last time I went to Islands of Adventure in the gift shop at the end of Jurassic Park there is a shirt that says "Wet T-Shirt Contest: Trying to find the perfect 10." And then underneath, "Universal Orlando".
    I just had to answer to this one

    Although Universal is obviously geared towards teens and thrill seekers, that doesn't mean they forgot about the rest of the family. Over at IOA, they have several little kiddie areas that are well themed and a lot of fun, especially the Camp Jurassic area. Also, don't forget a whole entire island is themed to Dr. Seuss with all their attractions as family friendly, such as Cat in the Hat, One fish Two fish, Caroseussel, and High in the sky Trolley. There's also several shows that are fun for the whole family too such as 8th Voyage of Sinbad, or you can talk with the Mystic Fountain nearby. And then, of course, are the coasters and thrill rides. I'd honestly say for a park that has is geared to thrill riders, IOA has a nice mix for all ages to enjoy.

    As for the "family friendliness" that you pointed out, you do have to realize that this isn't Disney, and that they have their own sense of humor suited for, you guessed it, the teen crowd. I dunno if you've been inside the Discovery Center in Jurassic Park. If you haven't, then you probably haven't played the quiz show You bet Jurassic

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    Re: Can Universal Orlando take over Disneyworld as best place to vacation in Orlando?

    Ok let's actually qualify this statement...

    If Universal were to top Disney as the number 1 vacation destination there is a real world answer for this... they would have to surpass the Magic Kingdom Theme Park in attendance.

    Magic Kingdom 2008 Attendance: 17,000,000
    Universal Studios 2008 Attendance: 6,200,000
    Difference: 10,800,000

    Now let us look at the fundamental design of the parks and their maximum capacity

    Magic Kingdom Maximum Capacity (day): 75,000
    Universal Studios Maximum Capacity (day): 55,000
    Difference: 20,000

    Magic Kingdom Theoretical Maximum Capacity (year): 27,375,000
    Universal Studios Theoretical Maximum Capacity (year): 20,075,000

    Magic Kingdom Average Occupancy Percentage: 62%
    Universal Studios Average Occupancy Percentage: 31%

    Magic Kingdom Attendance Projection if they operated at 31%: 8,486,000
    Universal Studios Attendance Projection if they operated at 62%: 12,446,000

    So even if Universal Studios was operating at the same level of attendance that the Magic Kingdom currently operates at it would still be number 2 in Orlando.

    This is not to say that if UO was operating at that level it is possible that MK attendance would slide and you could see the park take over.

    But long story short the park is small, and they would have to expand the guest areas in order to accommodate guest levels if they were sustainable.
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    Re: Can Universal Orlando take over Disneyworld as best place to vacation in Orlando?

    This has always been quite a topic, but for me this is how I see it.

    Both parks have their ups and downs, and both have done things better and worse then the other.

    Now while Universal has been making a few odd choices with tearing down multiple things in Lost Continent to make way for Harry Potter and turning off the water vortex in Posiden. For me that's nothing compared to the choices Disney has been making just to cater to nothing but kids. (SGE, loss of PI, MILF etc.)

    However one comment that always annoys me is hearing that Universal is less family friendly then WDW. I have to seriously disagree on that, both the studios and IOA have plenty of attractions that are good for kids.

    Oh yes, while I will say Universal will probably stay in 2nd place to Disney in terms of crowds. I will also say WDW is NOT one step ahead of everyone else. If they were a step ahead then all the outdated attractions would get some kind of an update, while making sure the update is at least better then the old version. That and their new major attractions would be the envy of others for being ahead of everything else.

    I know that's asking for a lot, but Universal and TDL seem to have no trouble doing it.
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    Re: Can Universal Orlando take over Disneyworld as best place to vacation in Orlando?

    Quote Originally Posted by WDWmemories View Post
    Reasons how it could happen:
    Reasons why it probably won't happen:
    I was just there today and I had a great time.

    Good list but I want to add some things.

    1st of all the scope of the rides isn't there. We spent a day between the two parks. That cannot compete with Disney time wise. I know we talk quality over quantity, but I think WDW covers both in higher numbers than Universal. They may have some EXCELLENT rides...but not in the numbers of Disney.

    The second thing that will forever kill them is the accessibility of IoA. There is a reason even DCA beats all the Six Flags/Cedar Fair parks in yearly attendance, and why Universal still beats IoA in yearly attendance. USF is more accessible to a wide audiance than IoA is.
    Like thrills? Its your park.
    Not tall enough? Can't do them? You're SOL. My GF cannot do those thrill rides (but she's sport enough to hold the bags for us at Six Flags...I happen to love my coasters). She went to IoA for the 1st time today...rides we did: Suess Trolley. Se just cannot do those other rides. Had her ticket not been a two-park 1 day she wouldn't have gone. Universal seems to now be understanding this with hearing about what is going to Dubai and Singapore...but the domestic parks are still missing that. Same mistake as Six Flags: limitied height kiddie rides don't qualify as "family" rides. You need rides adults with bad backs, or necks, or balance problems can ride that are just as fun as the thrill rides (see Mansion, Nemo and Peter Pan). Between my GF and mother I understand going to parks with people that have limited ride selections. You cannot say that "we have tame rides for kids" covers the "family range". Because an adult will be bored for them, or worse...too big, and have nothing to ride. Still to this day my biggest complaint with IoA (besides the inconsistant themeing). Until they fix that, USF will continue to reign. You get a different fanbase being all thrills...but for the most part they are not as free-spending and not as loyal. We coaster fans love our thrill parks too...but I won't drop as much $$ for them as a themed-relax park.

    Finally: the customer base: hate me if you will but the customer base is lower at Universal. More shirtless men, groups of vulgar teens and "we'll cut and smoke anywhere" peeps can be found there (god one lady today...I felt bad for her BF...she complained about everything while in line for food...but then again...he's with my sympathy is limited). The bargain parks are the Universal parks in Orlando and it shows. They get more of the "less refined" vistors than the other two park, as well as the reject employees from Disney and SeaWorld. (Of course this may very well change with Disney's 4 days 3 free in 2009).

    As many things that need fixing at WDW, and as smart as Universal is playing this recession compared to WDW...I think Universal may hurt Disney a bit in 09 and 10...but I just cannot see them taking over 100%. They have a lot farther to go up than WDW has to go down.

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