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    Question Upgrading to an AP when on dining plan??

    I have a question that I cannot seem to get a complete answer from anywhere..and my google searches have been fruitless.

    My hubbie and I live in S. Florida. We booked a week long trip to WDW at the end of April with the 4/3 deal. We are on the fence about adding the Dining Plan. (Yes, another option I know is the the lousy named.. Tables in Wonderland discount card.)

    Our plan is/was to have the resort, upon check in, remove the tickets off our resort id. We would then go to Guest Relations (say at EPCOT..) and upgrade the tickets to a FL Seasonal Pass. We want to do this at the start of our trip, so we can park hop and take advantage of the discounts on some tours and shopping etc..

    Now I know we can do that above..but... if we have the Dining Plan...will this throw a wrench into our plans? Will it cause a problem when they remove the tickets off our resort id etc......

    Thanks so much!

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    Re: Upgrading to an AP when on dining plan??

    Some people have reported experiencing problems with this type of procedure. Ask about it as your check-in procedure begins, and if the CM seems unsure then be polite but adamant about getting a lead or supervisor to assist in the process so that it can be done correctly.

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    Re: Upgrading to an AP when on dining plan??

    Actually, you need to go to ticket services. I have never heard of doing this at the front desk.

    I have upgraded a one-day base ticket towards my annual pass many times (4 times I believe, all on the free dine plan), and I think I was able to do this at the front end of a package as well. Go to ticket services at any park and they can help you.

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    If the Resort can remove your tickets from your room keys, then you're all set. But go to the Vacation Planning (i.e., ticket sales) booths, not to Guest Relations, to do the upgrade. They can do it there for you with no problem and the lines at Guest Relations are often longer (though they might look shorter) because of the odd issues they sometimes deal with.

    The only time this causes a problem is when trying to upgrade tickets that are still on your room key while you are still checked into your Resort. It breaks the link to your room reservation because it has to print a new ticket for your Annual Pass, canceling out your room key/ticket in the process. If your tickets are not on your room key, there will be no issues at all. (The same goes for after you check out. The link to your room reservation is irrelevant at that point.)

    Now, if it becomes a major issue at the Resort (though I assume it won't), then Guest Relations can take get your tickets off your room key as well, but I'd try to take care of it at check-in as my first choice.

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    Re: Upgrading to an AP when on dining plan??

    To be safe I would simply upgrade the Tickets on the last day after you have used up all your meals on the meal plan, it's really the only way to make sure you don't loose them. Ideally the morning of the last day so you can get the AP card at he gate and test to make sure it's working before heading out for the airport.

    In any case I would use the Disney resort hotel concierge desk as they can fix the room key side of it if there's a problem and they may have more experience with that type of transaction than guest services at the parks. In the end it really depends on who you get, some CM's will be more experienced than others at this sort of transaction, if they look unsure ask to speak with someone else.
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