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    Question Frst time to Disney World

    We are arriving at WDW on May 9th. My daughter is six years old. Would like to know what attractions you think she would like the best? We are staying for 1 week and have parkhopper passes. Also would like to know what restaurants do you think she would like? We have already made reservations for the Cinderalla Breakfast and Chef Mickey's for dinner.
    Finally what is the weather like at WDW in early May? Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Frst time to Disney World

    You have come to the right place! Asking questions like this on boards liek these is a wonderful place to start your vacation planning. Welcome!

    A few ideas:
    - The Magic Kingdom has many younger-kid-friendly attractions (although maybe not Stitche's Great Escape). Plenty of friendly dark rides that are fun.
    - Be sure to visit lots of characters, like in Mickey's Toon Town and the Epcot Character spot. And maybe bring a book for autographs.
    - Consider Character Dining - another great way to interact with favorite characters.
    - If you hae a favorite 'must see' character, ask Guest Relations when you enter the park where and when you can find them. They will call the employee-only Character Hotline to let you know the details. This saves lots of disappointment and running around.

    There are just a few ideas - I am sure there are many more to come from others.

    Enjoy yout trip!
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    Re: Frst time to Disney World

    I suggest that you buy a copy of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World from your local bookstore or Amazon. It will give you a lot of information about what attractions are like and whether or not they are a good choice for your child and restaurant advice. It will also supply you with different touring plans which will help you get in all the attractions in the parks a lot easier.

    If you are planning on doing a character meal experience or eating at any of the table service restaurants, you need to get on doing your advance dining reservations if you haven't already.

    My biggest piece of advice is to slow down and enjoy the details. It is very easy to start running around like chicken with your head chopped off trying to experience everything. Disney isn't about that, it is about taking your time, relaxing and enjoying a unique experience.
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    Re: Frst time to Disney World

    Early May is good for weather, usually in the high 80s (but it can be a bit humid). Good time to go because crowds are relatively low, during a lull between spring break and summer. 6 year olds will dig Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom, so hit those before the lines get too long. (Everyone else will be at the mountains) As everyone else has mentioned, go for characters, Mickey in the Judge's tent at Toontown is a likely candidate. She should meet the Princcesses at breakfast.

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