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    Re: I saw Roger Rabbit at WDW today!

    I also consider it within the realm of possibility that the pin folks don't know they aren't supposed to use Gary Wolf characters. It's a big organization, after all.

    But it's most likely that the remaining contract(s) stipulate merchandise is OK, but not rubberheads. Merch makes money, and Wolf would see some of that.

    Jessica is gone from PI, but Roger lives on in Anaheim's toontown, so it's not like there is no working contract left around.
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    Re: I saw Roger Rabbit at WDW today!

    simple.. merchandising is different then live performances. Having the right to one doesn't include the other automatically.

    Why they don't have both? Only the insiders truely know. Given Disney has an entire attraction dedicated to the charater, I'm sure its more then simply 'they didn't want to pay'. Maybe there just needs to be something significant enough to spark the motivation to revisit the issue.
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    Re: I saw Roger Rabbit at WDW today!

    Cool!! But this topic frustrates me. They need to stop treating Roger as the ******* kid of the family. Put him back in the parks for good!

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