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    Which WDW vacation guides are the best?

    Since my wife and I are going to WDW for our first time next month, we decided to get a travel book about the resort, but we are wondering which one is the best one to get. Looking at, there are over 1400 travel and tourism books about Walt Disney World and after looking at the first hundred, they all start looking the same. Which ones have you guys used and which ones do you think are the best?
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    Re: Which WDW vacation guides are the best?

    I've been reading the "Unofficial Guide to WDW" and it really is one of the best I've ever read. There is tons of useful information in it - not all positive for WDW. They tell it as it is.

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    Re: Which WDW vacation guides are the best?

    I'd narrow it down to the Unofficial Guide as stated above and the Birnbaum's Official Guide. I feel the UG is too preachy sometimes and the BOG is too biased, but between the two you get a pretty good idea of what's going on. Where the BOG lacks in opinions (it's not going to tell you to stay away from the Tiki Room) it makes up for in all around basic information. Just my two cents

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    Re: Which WDW vacation guides are the best?

    Yoyo says he likes the complete guide the best
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    Re: Which WDW vacation guides are the best?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pizzapants View Post
    I'd narrow it down to the Unofficial Guide as stated above and the Birnbaum's Official Guide.
    I completely agree. These are the two books that I buy almost every year, the Official Guide for the flowery descriptions and cool Disney pictures, and the Unofficial Guide for the straight poop, even if it gets a bit negative at times.

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