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    Booked: Wilderness Lodge, woohoo

    Wow, I am excited.

    Just got back the finalized itinerary from the Wilderness Lodge itinerary planners office and got 99% of what we wanted (He 'almost' promised that we would get our only missing reservation, Royal Table Dinner, just need to wait until 2 weeks prior).

    We took a jump from a moderate to a deluxe with the platinum to take advantage of the 25% off promotion that ended Sunday the 15th. In the end it was a difference of $175 per day (total not per person) above the moderate with deluxe dining.

    For that extra we will get:
    (There are other things in the package, these are just the ones we are using/doing. Even at WDW there are only 24 hours in the day)

    Deluxe instead of moderate resort
    La Nouba tickets
    Dinner at Victoria and Albert's
    Tours (dolphin encounter, backstage magic, backstage safari, steam trains, and aqua seas)
    Illuminations cruise
    VIP fireworks and Fantasmic viewing (Although I am not expecting much of the Fantasmic seating, just happy to be able to get a seat with the reduced number of showings)
    Parasailing and personal watercraft sessions

    and about 1 hour at each theme park
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    Re: Booked: Wilderness Lodge, woohoo

    I didn't even know there was such a thing as the Illumination cruise... sounds like a fun trip worth the money and price. Enjoy!
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    Smile Re: Booked: Wilderness Lodge, woohoo

    Congrats man.. Enjoy...
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