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    Wow tough question "mentally" Walt Disney World. In reality i live in Squamish B.C. (for now)

    New Viewing Area For Wishes

    For those of you who don't know me i used to work at Walt Disney World doing PAC (Parade Audience Control) and also park greeter.

    One of my jobs was to take this rope to where the AAA and also magic your way people would go to watch the Fireworks. Which was in the smoking section right below the bridge on Main Street U.S.A (which supposedly is a special place to watch them.) Now for those of you who go the the parks annually you would know that that is a smoking section and is also crowded by trees. Now imagine sitting with your family and the first thing you smell is cigarette smoke (no offense to those who smoke) and then when the fire works start the trees are in the way.

    Now that i (hopefully) have your attention. When i was working there i had so many ideas of where to move this viewing spot so that the scenery is nice, there is no smoke, (again no offense) and you can actually see and enjoy the fireworks. That is is that sitting area at beside the Tomorrowland Noodle Station. They have barricaded it before which tells me it is no big deal so what would be wrong with barricading it for about 45min. or so.

    If you like my Idea or have any other great places that you might find better please.
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