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    Is 1900 at the Grand Floridian worth it?

    Mrs Oogie and myself were looking at going to 1900 at the Grand Floridian for dinner one night while we are in WDW in 2 weeks, but all the reservations are booked up. We were told that we could show up and wait for a table, but it might be a lengthy wait. For those of you who have been to 1900 before for dinner, would you say that it's worth it?
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    Re: Is 1900 at the Grand Floridian worth it?

    Hard to say if it's worth it to you, a lot of that will depend on how long the wait is.

    I will say that 1900 Park Faire is probably the best character meal in WDW because of the quality of interaction you get with Lady Tremaine and the Ugly Stepsisters. If you want to play along, they can be a lot of fun.

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    Re: Is 1900 at the Grand Floridian worth it?

    I'll second that, if you like Cinderella, the Prince, the step sisters and Lady Tremaine it's worth it, the food is about average as far as Disney Buffets go but the Stepsisters in particular are absolutely hilarious! If your not into character interaction etc. maybe not but we had fun back in January.
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    Re: Is 1900 at the Grand Floridian worth it?

    I would keep calling Disney Dining to see if a table opens up. I wouldn't wait a LONG time for a table, but that's just me.

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    Re: Is 1900 at the Grand Floridian worth it?

    I went for breakfast and the food was kind've meh, but the place was EMPTY. That sounds like it'd be a good thing but as a result the characters came around and were done really quickly and then when they came around again the same small group of people were there and there wasn't any time to waste going to new people and it got kind've akward for everyone :P If you've got kids who would get a thrill out of that kind've experience it's awesome but if you're just an older couple, the 2nd and 3rd time a character comes around you might kind've be like.. ehh okay let me eat :P

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    Re: Is 1900 at the Grand Floridian worth it?

    No, it's not worth it.

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