Okay so I think I know all about DL's birthday promotion but I have a question about WDW's because the whole law about gift cards not expiring is a California law and I don't know if Disney is applying it to Florida as well.

You can only get the fun pass if you have a multiday admission for that day correct?.. Does the fun pass have to be used on that day as originally envisioned or are they doing like DL is doing where the fun pass is good for the rest of the year?

If you wanted to use the fun pass to upgrade to an annual pass, but didn't want to purchase the full annual pass right at that time, could you purchase a multi-day ticket with the added no expiration option, use that for entry on your birthday and get the fun card because of it, and then when you're ready to upgrade to an AP you can apply the cost of the multi-day(including the extra you paid for no expiration) and your fun card to the cost of the AP?