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    how big is bay lake?

    How many acres or miles is bay lake?

    like the lake not the city

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    Re: how big is bay lake?

    Hard to say exactly how big it is, since it isn't a perfect geometric shape. But it isn't like that big really, rough estimate by looking at a map at it's widest point it is about 1 mile East to West and 1 mile North to South.
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    Re: how big is bay lake?

    From wikipedia. Not sure how accurate these statements are but they could be pretty much correct.

    Bay Lake is a body of water about one mile (1500 m) across and a depth of 12 feet (3.7 m), located in Orange County, Florida in the north end of the Walt Disney World property, in the Disney-controlled city of Bay Lake, Florida and immediately to the east of the Magic Kingdom. The lake connects with the Disney-made Seven Seas Lagoon.
    Disney's Wilderness Lodge, Disney's Contemporary Resort, and Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground are on Bay Lake. There is boat transportation from the three to the Magic Kingdom. Now closed, Disney's River Country water park was also located on the lake. Originally, there was going to be another resort, Disney's Persian Resort, on Bay Lake. Drawings show it next to the Contemporary and in back of Tomorrowland. The project was scrapped with the 1973 oil crisis, and was never built.
    The lake, like other Disney property in the area, is under the jurisdiction of the Reedy Creek Improvement District. It is roughly triangular in shape containing a small island, mapped as Riles Island but referred to at various times as Treasure Island or Discovery Island.

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    Re: how big is bay lake?

    bigger than a breadbox.

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    Re: how big is bay lake?

    It's about 450 acres.

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    Re: how big is bay lake?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pizzapants View Post
    bigger than a breadbox.
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