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    How's the weather

    What's the weather like in Orlando these days? I hear alarming reports of storms and tornados in Florida. Has it touched WDW? As you can guess, I already suffered through a miserable winter here in Montreal, so not looking for more bad weather on vacation.
    Any news would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: How's the weather

    We've been to WDW twice in early May and the weather and crowds were both great so I would think going a bit earlier (like now) is even better. If temps and humidity are high at mid-day we leave for a few hours and come back in the afternoon when it's more mild. It's a great time to go!
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    Re: How's the weather

    Generally, during the summer, there's a daily storm that comes on fast and strong - then dissipates quickly. It's nothing really to worry about - they may close Thunder and Splash, but most rides are still in operation. Your biggest fear is sitting down where someone's wet butt was and ending up with one yourself.

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    Re: How's the weather

    Summer...which has kind of already as n muggy...with occasional showers. Best months to visit WDW - Oct, Nov, Feb, Mar.
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    Re: How's the weather

    Today Florida got hit by some pretty bad storms. Orlando got pounded pretty bad too with a lot of heavy rain and heavy winds, a lot of lightning... and hail!

    In the Tampa area, 20-some homes on one street in Wesley Chapel (Pasco County) suffered roof damage from the winds and a car even got blown over! Worst I saw in my neck of the woods was the heavy rain and wind. The cold front that was behind the storms started pushing everything south and it stopped raining here for the most part by 4pm (which was good because I had to stand outside for an hour waiting for the gates to open at the Rays game).

    But tomorrow it's supposed to be sunny and 81 and sunny the rest of the week.

    Florida weather is really weird.

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    Re: How's the weather

    We were there in mid-March and everything was as normal as could be.

    My sister, however, who is currently working in WDW, texted me this morning saying, "I'm going to be late for work. I'm driving in blinding hail and rain, and there is a tornado warning. I THOUGHT I LEFT KANSAS!"

    I thought the irony was pretty funny, because today in Kansas it was sunny and clear.

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