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    Re: Do you think WDW has too many hotel rooms?

    I probably have a slightly different POV from most of the folks on the board since I work for a travel agency that is dedicated to Disney Travel, I have found especially during holidays and busy times of the year that there are defiantly not enough rooms sometimes, I've seen it on almost ever class of hotel on property value, moderates, and Deluxe hotels do book solid for a variety of reasons.

    In the slower seasons Disney shuts down parts of hotels for refurbishment, during really slow times like right after 9/11 they shut down entire resorts and unfortunately stopped work on the second half of the Pop century. More recently, they have been doing a lot of work on the various resorts this past winter and spring much of it sorely needed. When I asked my contacts at Disney about what the plan would be if attendance hit those levels (or worse) again, back in January the response was they would use the down time to refurbish those resorts that needed it the most.

    Internet, this topic comes up all the time, at WDW you're going to pay for it unless you go off site, but at least you can pay for it now, a few years back it wasn't there at all! They had dial up in most rooms and you paid way too much for the privilige. Most 3G wireless cards seem to work well on property which is the route I've gone for the past 3-4 years, with all the travel I do it saves me a lot of money on those 10-12$ night internet fees. ..

    I do think that Barbara has an excellent point, it's hard for larger families to get affordable rooms on property. If you have more than 4 people in your family you are pushed into higher priced lodging, the family suites at the Music are really great and I have had client's rave over them but they cost the same as 2 rooms at the same resort, so no real cost savings but you do get the kitchenette and two bathrooms! There's only one moderate that will sleep 5 and that's the Alligator Bayou buildings in Port Orleans, and the trundle bed is very small, if the 5th person is not under 5ft don't even try it! The Cabins at FT Wilderness are nice but not for everyone, and they are priced between the Moderate and Deluxe Price Points. The Deluxe resorts do sleep more thanks to the pull out twin sleeper sofa in most of the rooms (and yes they are actually comfortable as well surprisingly enough) but now your getting up there, and of the two cheapest deluxe resorts; Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge, only the Ak lodge has them since the WL rooms are decidely smaller. The DVC offerings including the new Treehouses can be cheaper but you either have to have a very large family, or travel with other families and split the cost, not an option everyone can take advantage of. Part of the reason for the disparity is Florida has very strict rules on hotel room occupancy based on the square footage of the room, they had to get special disponsation to add the trundel beds to POR. This leaves Disney with 2 options - new construction or create suites like they did at the All Stars Music resort by knocking down a wall between two rooms.

    I guess in Short too many rooms? No not at all, Too few rooms for larger families? Yes at the value resort price levels, there are plenty at the DVC/Deluxe resorts price point with the new construction but that will change in the future as more people buy into the DVC.
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    Re: Do you think WDW has too many hotel rooms?

    Quote Originally Posted by TDLFAN View Post
    I agree with your points made here as well Aimster.. but bottom line is: Can you live without Extra Magic Hours?
    Morning ones, sure (I am NOT a morning person). Evening ones... ya kind of got me there. But I only stay on property if I can find a good deal on a room. I've managed to score some good ones through 3rd party booking sites. I once stayed at Port Orleans for almost $100 a night CHEAPER than what WDW was advertising on their own site.

    But I've stayed at some of the hotels on Hotel Plaza Blvd for less than even value resort rates and have gotten MUCH nicer rooms.

    DVC has GOT to go though.

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    Re: Do you think WDW has too many hotel rooms?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jerren View Post
    I have found especially during holidays and busy times of the year that there are defiantly not enough rooms sometimes,
    The same could be said for anywhere. That's the catch cannot build for maximum occupancy, because every time you don't have it you bleed money. Hence why Disney drops all these deals and ends up doing long-term damage to their brand. Disney cannot build to sell out 3 times a year, they have to build to where they can create enough demand all year long for a good price.

    Because if you discount your hotels all the time...first of all why not lower the price (don't tell me the moderate are worth $230 a night...especially when you have to "buy 4 get 3 free" them to fill them)? And secondly, if you discount them all the time, no one wants to pay full price anymore.

    You can't fill your hotels only a few times a year when you have to staff them all year long.

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    Re: Do you think WDW has too many hotel rooms?

    Quote Originally Posted by lakersboy92 View Post
    Do you think WDW has too many hotel rooms?
    No, the number one vacation destination in the U.S. needs more.

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