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    Re: Anyone stayed at Port Orleans Riverside?

    Dixie Landings!!!

    Great Resort, plenty to do and tons of fun, great access to Downtown Disney, plenty of bus stops so you don't have to walk far. Within walking distance of the French Quarter but in my opinion Riverside is ten times better!

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    Re: Anyone stayed at Port Orleans Riverside?

    Dixie Landings (aka POR) is a great resort. The 2 main reasons I prefer the French Quarter however are:

    1-Smaller hotel= less walking distance from the room to the food court.
    2-If a bus is shared between POR and POFQ, POFQ is first, which might mean the difference between a seat or not, and coming back from the resorts after a long day, it's easier to jump right out.

    I love both and you can't go wrong with either, but POFQ is where I usually stay now when I go moderate. It's especially beneficial that they share amenities, so staying at one does not preclude enjoying the other as well.
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    Re: Anyone stayed at Port Orleans Riverside?

    I stayed there 10 years ago when it was still known at Dixie Landings. I was so enchanted, that a decade later when booking my first return to WDW, it's the only place I wanted to stay. Arriving this Thursday for 7 days!

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    Re: Anyone stayed at Port Orleans Riverside?

    Quote Originally Posted by aimster View Post
    That's the Magnolia Bend section. The Alligator Bayou section is a bit more rustic. Here are some pics I took of the room/building I stayed at there a few years ago:

    And this the room I stayed at over at the French Quarter part:

    Makes my heart melt!!

    Sorry but I'm a sucker for all that Old South stuff (see profile picture)....

    Which might be why Riverside is one of my favorite places on property. It's definitely one of the most underrated Disney resorts, and I recommend it every time someone tells me they're going to WDW. And I love to eat at their food court (with the water wheel!) even when I'm not staying there, just because of the variety, the ambience, and the value.

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    Re: Anyone stayed at Port Orleans Riverside?

    port orleans is a great hotel. it's sooo lovely. not as beautiful as grand floridian but 2nd place.
    Epcot rocks! I luv Capt Jack Sparrow, alongside Will & Elizabeth!
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