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    AK's Safari Ride que idea

    Not to spur another FP debate (no wait, maybe I DO want to do that) but I've been thinking about how frustrating it is to wait for the safari ride in AK. I really like the part were you get to at least watch the video of the animals and here interesting facts on them though. I keep wondering though, why isn't this video longer? I mean it holds your attention well enough and maybe if the line didn't have Fastpass you'd actually only see most of the video before moving beyond the area.

    With the way crowds are now every time I've waited in line I tend to see that video loop almost three or four times before moving beyond that area which gets repetitive and frustrating after a while (really highlights how the line doesn't move). I keep thinking if Disney at least doubled or tripled the length of the movie the wait for this ride would be made MUCH more bearable and it doesn't seem like it'd be that difficult a thing to do. I mean doesn't Disney have archives of nature stuff they could add in to flesh out their videos a bit more?

    I mean this ride is already open for only limited hours and ontop of that it's one of the must sees in the park so I suppose this is were the que to this ride infuriates me in the face of other potentially more boring ones to stand in.

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    Re: AK's Safari Ride que idea

    Or even play some original True-Life Adventures!!

    I love simple ideas like these because these are the ones that might actually make it through to reality. Not to knock on the other Armchair Imagineers like myself, of course.

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    Re: AK's Safari Ride que idea

    nice idea.. thanks for the share!

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    Re: AK's Safari Ride que idea

    I love the Safari ride. It makes me feel like i've been in Africa.

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    Re: AK's Safari Ride que idea

    Yes...with waits that long...we're gonna need more than 3-4 minutes of video to keep us occupied.

    Is it just me or does the whole line seem to turn Escher once you get close to the loading dock areas?

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