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    Re: Video from the New Stitch 'Attraction'

    Quote Originally Posted by goofystitch View Post
    Disney has decided to cancel the show. June 27th will be the final day of performances.

    Source: Stitch's Supersonic Celebration closing for good | Lifthill
    Wow... as some of the comments on that article pointed out, this may well have been the shortest-lived attraction in the Magic Kingdom's history!

    I wonder what they will do with the stage?
    It's likely they'll do like the Galaxy Theater, and they'll continue using it for various performances or special events. But it's also possible it'll go the way of the TL Skyway Station, and it'll sit dormant, waiting for something to happen to it... time will tell, I suppose.

    Enjoy your new parking, MK management, I hope it was worth it...

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    Re: Video from the New Stitch 'Attraction'

    there are no

    had to turn it off like 4 minutes in, not impressed cant say im surprised though just like your average crapy castle show (villians mix and mingle comes to mind)

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    Re: Video from the New Stitch 'Attraction'

    Good thing this thing is getting tossed. It really was just a poor attempt to fill space and to draw people over to that area while SM was getting refurbed. I think Disney realized that with no shade there for the show though and the VERY HOT summer months ahead, they could possibly be setting themselves up for possible legal trouble if they kept the show running any longer. On top of that the show was pretty much unwatchable and the fact that there was no shade or place to sit just added on to the problem with this show.

    I fully expect either a revamped version of this show or a completely new show(maybe Wall-E or some Pixar movie) put in this location, along with a shaded seating area. They didn't spend all that money to build that stage just to run this show for 6 weeks and then not do anything with the stage. It was completely ridiculous of WDW to do this show w/o putting any kind of shaded are in that location for seating, knowing full well that they were starting this show right as the hot summer months were coming up.

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    Re: Video from the New Stitch 'Attraction'


    I feel bad for Disney World's aweful entertainment division.

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