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    Short Trip Report: May 8-11th

    Just got back from a nice quick trip at WDW. For a bit of background my wife and I had been going annually to WDW since 2000 (sometimes more than once a year). In 2005 we went to Disneyland for the 50th and in 2006-2008 we went to Tokyo Disney Resort three times. I have a sister who lives in the Orlando area so we did get to the parks a couple times but it was never more than a day on any given trip. So there was a lot of new things we hadn't experienced that we did this trip.

    We started the day at Chef Mickey's for a character breakfast. For the price I thought it was a great character breakfast (about $25 for each adult). We had the big 5 and the food was satisfactory. We didn't feel rushed out of the place either. The character's came by quickly but that was understandable. After breakfast we headed into the Magic Kindgom. We were traveling with a crew of infants and a toddler so no thrill rides this trip which was ok. First up was Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor. I was pleasantly surprised by this. I'm not a huge fan of these types of shows and I HATE the spreading of Fantasyland into Tomorrowland but I can see that it was filling a need at the park. After that we watched the new Stich show and it is an utter crapfest. Wow, I felt bad for the performers trying to give their best show to a crowd of 25 people in 90 degree weather. After tomorrowland we hit up Pirates. After riding Pirates at Disneyland and TDL the shortness of the WDW version really stands out. But still, it's a classic. After that we hit up a couple other rides and I really enjoyed the upgrades to the Haunted Mansion. After that was a quick trip to Epcot. We did Spaceship Earth and the improvements were nice. I miss Jeremy Irons and the scenes on the descent but it was more or less the same ride. Did a few other rides including Gran Fiesta Tour and really enjoyed that. It was a nice integration of Disney characters and keeping the feel of the old ride.

    Saturday: We stayed at my sister's house and the kids played in the pool while the dad's went bass fishing.

    Sunday: We started the day at Animal Kingdom to ride Everest. I enjoyed the ride and the queue but it would have been nice to seen the ride in its full glory (all effects and a working yeti). It is a great addition to the park but it didn't WOW me. After that we hit up Killamajaro (sp?) and had a fantastic driver. Did a quick ride on Dinosaur and left the park for Hollywood Studios. At Hollywood Studios we went to Playhouse Disney. The new show was good and it was nice to see a change fro the prior show. The kids really loved it. Toy Story Mania had an 90 minute wait so we did some shopping and a few rides and ended the day at Downtown Disney.

    Monday: Last day at the parks. Started out at Hollywood Studios to ride Toy Story Mania. Geat addition to the park and the whole area is very nice. Hit up a few more rides and headed over to Epcot. Did a few rides and finished the day at the Magic Kingdom.

    Overall, I enjoyed most of the new additions of the parks. While I have my opinions of WDW and how it compares to DLR and TDR I still enjoy WDW.

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    Re: Short Trip Report: May 8-11th

    WOW that was short!
    But thanks for sharing the opinions on your trip to WDW... besides, that is such a lovely avatar picture..

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    Re: Short Trip Report: May 8-11th

    Thanks for sharing this...
    Music is my LIFE!!!

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