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    What fuels your passion for Fort Wilderness?

    From your viewpoint, what makes Fort Wilderness, "Fort Wilderness"? What is it about the resort that fires your passion? What is it that makes you want to pack up and go right now??

    Lastly, ponder this one: If Fort Wilderness was not a Disney resort, not located at Disney World, would you still feel the passion to go there?

    or, maybe you don't like Fort Wilderness.............


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    Re: What fuels your passion for Fort Wilderness?

    We love Fort Wilderness. My parents have an RV and in the past three years we have been camping there nine times.
    I would say that 80% of the reason we love FW is because it is a Disney campground. We all love Disney and enjoy going to the parks while we are camping. But the campground is also really pretty. I love the old timey music they play in the store. We like the campfire sing-a-long. Davey Crocket's Tavern is one of our favorite places to eat. We consider it our family campground. We love it that much.

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    Re: What fuels your passion for Fort Wilderness?

    I think Fort Wilderness is a special part of Disney World. There's a feeling down there that is different to anywhere else across the entire Disney property.

    It's 'natural' setting is so different to the other heavily themed parks and hotels but for some reason you never forget that it's Disney... If you stand on the dock and look towards the Wilderness Lodge and then beyond to the Contemporary Resort, you know you're within touching distance of the Magic Kingdom and Epcot via the monorail.

    Then, if you turn round and look back towards the Settlement Trading Post you're instantly transported back in time, to a less complicated and quieter place.

    And if you think about it, Fort Wilderness hasn't really changed over the years - in some respects there is less there now than in the early days. Notably the railroad and River Country (which I never liked that much) are missing! However, there is still enough there to keep you and your family occupied - fishing, biking, swimming etc.

    So, would I still visit if it wasn't part of Disney... No!

    I love knowing that this little 'original' part of the World exists, safe in the knowledge that within a few minutes I could be on Big Thunder Mountain and the other delights that the parks have to offer. Without this, Fort Wilderness would just be another campground!

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    Re: What fuels your passion for Fort Wilderness?

    Sadly the only thing is the memories of how it used to be...

    After our last trip there we will only remember it as it once was and not bother going back.

    I remember a time when it was well kept and well staffed.... the last time we were there it was like a ghost town... the people made it special without that its just an expensive KOA campground.

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