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    Fantasyland Music

    Does anyone know if the music they play in Fantasyland is available for purchase? I love the carnival-type disney music they play there. I thought about recording it myself but never got around to it.

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    Re: Fantasyland Music

    There was a "make your own CD" place in Epcot a while back in which you could put it on your personal CD, but I don't think they have that anymore. Try Limewire.

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    Re: Fantasyland Music

    Try #disney-central on IRC. That's how I downloaded some. Limewire is also a good idea. I don't think they have it for sale in the parks at all.

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    Re: Fantasyland Music

    The East side (or Pooh side) used to have it's music for sale in the WDW Forever kiosks (it was known as Carousel Music). I have a few of those.

    As far as the other side of Fantasyland...I know the Polka used to be on the net but I don't know if it was ever for sale.

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    Re: Fantasyland Music

    It has never been available for sale, nope. One of the pipe organ tracks was on the Disneyland Forever system ages ago (ran about 3:24) but nothing else. I believe that stuff is floating around online, though...
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