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    Celebrating at the Studios 7/2

    Update time. (That means lots and lots of pictures..) If you haven't heard by now, I went to Disney's Hollywood Studios at Disney World for my birthday. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to ride Tower of Terror or the Rockin' Roller Coaster. I did get to do lots of other stuff including spending my $75 Birthday Fun Card that I got.

    Before that though, I want to share a picture of my birthday cake..

    Now, to the park!

    When we first got to the park, we decided that we'd go see the new American Idol Experience show..

    Then we headed over to Pixar Place, and rode Toy Story Mania. (we also found out that Luxo Jr. wasn't working..)

    My score..

    After that, we went to One Man's Dream and I took some pictures of the 20th anniversary stuff..

    Took some pictures on my way to Muppet*Vision..

    Then, I headed over to the American Film Institute and took some pictures of costumes and props from the Pirates of the Caribbean films..

    After that, I went and saw Mulch, Sweat, & Shears..

    Stu, Stu.. Studios..

    STOP. No! I don't wanna stop yet..

    Then I went and saw the American Idol Experience Finale. Yup.. more American Idol pictures..

    One last picture of the hat..

    THE END!

    Celebrate Churros
    Only at Disney Parks..

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    Re: Celebrating at the Studios 7/2

    I just came across this, bu great TR.

    It looks like it was a fun birthday.

    I will have to check out One Man's Dream when I go back. Just kind of went thorough it quickly last time. Need to take a further look.

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    Re: Celebrating at the Studios 7/2

    Happy b-day! Nice TR.

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    Re: Celebrating at the Studios 7/2

    The Muppets concept art is very cool.

    I will be at DisneyWorld on April 29, 2011-May 4, 2011. If You Are Going The Same Time Message Me

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    Re: Celebrating at the Studios 7/2

    Great Trip Report!

    We don't useally get these shot-by-shot reports of the Flordia parks, so it made this one extra fun.
    -Monorail Man

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    Re: Celebrating at the Studios 7/2

    Nice report from the Studios. Kinda nice to see a trip report from just one of the parks at WDW.

    Thanks for the pics from One Man's Dream.

    (but that big blue hat still needs to go.)

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