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    How have things been lately?

    My last trip to WDW was December 2007, and I might be back in the next couple of weeks. Has mainteance improved any? How have lines and crowds been this summer? I remember hearing that the ending of the new Spaceship Earth was being changed. Did this ever happen? It sucks to be out of the loop on Disney news for so long.

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    Re: How have things been lately?

    SSE has black triangle panels hanging around in the descent that got people all worked up, but beyond that, nothing has changed.

    Crowds of course depend on when you go - but if you mean has WDW been deserted? No

    What Maintanence were you concerned over? Most everything was fine when I was just there the other week (minus certain effects here and there, but it wasn't ruining my day)
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    Crowds & Maintenance at Walt Disney World

    We just got back a couple of weeks ago (went for 9 days). We had a great time! The crowds were large but not unbearably so- after all it is summer. I'm not sure what you mean by maintenance though. Of the attractions? Or the parks in general?

    We've never noticed any maintenance issues. A few attractions are closed for refurbishing- most notably Space Mountain at MK, but in general we've found all the parks to be imaculately maintained.
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    Re: How have things been lately?

    Maintenance is not up to Disneyland-2008 levels, and certainly not up to TDL-anyyear levels.

    But it is presently better than WDW-2006 levels. More things are painted, fewer doors are rotting, fewer windmills are missing arms.

    It's not perfect, but I'll agree that the casual visitor might not notice. As to whether such a visitor notices subconsciously, that's a different question, and it's debatable even in my own mind.
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