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    5 Days 4 Parks w/ Many Pics (7/16-7/20)

    Hello All!!
    I just thought i would post my pictures i took on my vacation from Thursday July 16 thru Monday July 20th. (I hope it is ok i post this here, if not feel free to delete mods)... I dont really post here, infact this is one of my first posts, but i read MiceAge/Chat Daily...

    A couple of notes on the weekend that i learned...
    --July is Brazilian Tourist month... i think there must have been at least 50 different Brazilian Tour Groups... i really do think that the WHOLE country of BRazil comes to WDW in July... SOme IMO are rude and such... but others (not that many though) are nice... The one thing that bugs me was that they talk during the ride... And i know a little of Spanish/Portugese so i know they werent translating... (sorry to start off on a "sort of" bad note but it will get better).
    --Also, i made several reservations for ADRs i made one for Ohana in April, then i made a Whistpering Canyon and Tutto Italia in June. THen in June when at WL for MoP i double checked my ADRs and they had them...So then we got to Pop Century and forgot our ressie ### for Whispering Canyon... Then they said they didnt have it then they said they didnt have our Tutto Italia one... So the concierge really didnt help, later that day we went to DAK so we went to Guest Services to check again, b/c we knew they could help.. THey helped and figured out and such, and re-booked our ressies... but the NOTE here is that the lady (sorry forgot name) at GS at DAK said that they just REDID there ADR system so some maybe didnt change over... So im just saying that advice is if you dont have a COnformation ### with you, i would just double check before you go to the restaurant so they dont turn you away...

    On to the report:

    Thursday July 16th-
    *We arrived and such, we went to DTD and walked Marketplace, Pleasure Island, and West Side... We did the Princess Diana exhibit, it was ok, not what i expected... It is running through the end of Novemember, if you want to go and you are a Passholder, you can get the CM discount of $8 so just ask... It is nice, just not what i expected, also i dont have many pics b/c NO PICTURES were allowed...
    *We took the boat to Port Orleans and saw the Treehouse Villas, they look so GREAT
    *Then we headed over to Disney's Hollywood Studios to see Fantasmic! at 930, but first we headed to TSMM, the line was long, so we didnt do it, then headed to RnR, the single rider line was shut, so we did One Mans Dream, i took my time and saw the movie for the fist time THen headed to Indiana Jones EPic Stunt Spectacular, the place was CROWDED, then we quickly headed to American Idol Expierence Finale, and then ate "dinner"... At 8:00pm we headed to F!, it was STANDING ROOM ONLY, and that was and HOUR AND A HALF before the show, so we left... and went back to our hotel for the night...
    Friday July 17th-
    *We woke up early to eat at Ohana Breakfast, (i have many pics of food)... Then rode the Monorail around to GF and COntempo to tour... THen we toured Celebration and Kissimee, b/c we had to waste time before my UCF Rosen College Tour...
    *After the tour we headed to MK we did the Hall of Presidents, and the Haunted Mansion, and walked over to Tomorrowland Noodle Station to see if possibly get into the Wishes Dessert Party, we couldnt, so we made our way out and watched teh Spectromagic Parade as we left.. THen back to hotel...

    Saturday July 18th-
    *Saturday Morning we headed to DAK, and made our way around the park, we did Festival of the Lion King, and Expedition Everest, and left and headed back to hotel after a "snack"...
    *In the after noon we headed to Epcot... We walked around World SHowcase and headed to Italy for LUNNER at Tutto Italia (have pics too)... While inside it had rained.. we then headed to American Advenutre and saw that for the first time, it was good... Then we headed to Soarin to see the line, it was long so we rode Living with the Land... THen headed to Canada's Le Cellier to order Pretzel BReadsticks to go (they were good, thanks for the tip Jenn..) THen headed over to Beaches and Cream for "dessert"... (have pics) Then we went back to the hotel

    Sunday July 19th-
    *Went to Wilderness Lodge for Whispering Canyon for breakfast (have pics THen took boat to MK for opening...
    * We did many many things... We took the train to Frontierland, me and dad went on Splash Mountain, then mom got FPs for THunder Mountain... Then we rode Thunder Mountain, and walked to the JUngle Cruise and rode it... THen headed back to Thunder Mtn. for FP time... We headed to Peter Pans FLight (first time riding it) to get FPs, then rode Small World to cool off... THen we went to Pinocchio's Village Haus to cool off and wait for PPF FP time.. we rode PPF, which IMO is kinda boreing, i dont know how ppl wait over and hour for a less than minute ride... ugh... THen we headed through Fantasyalnd and ToonTown, then into Tomorrowland and rode Carosel of Progress...

    Monday July 20th- (forgot camera in car so no pics)
    *Went to DHS for EMH and rode TSMM and RnR... and headed out... it started to rain HARD and went to UCF again to get sweatshirt, then came home...

    Here are the Pics...Picasa Web Albums - Cody - WDW July 16-2...#

    Sorry for the lengthy report... I hope you enjoy the pics... I took the food pics b/c i got them for the DisneyFoodBlog, im not obessed with Disney

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    Re: 5 Days 4 Parks w/ Many Pics (7/16-7/20)

    That's too bad that pictures were forbidden in the exhibit.

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    Re: 5 Days 4 Parks w/ Many Pics (7/16-7/20)

    It kinda seems like you didn't use the fastpass system to your advantage until the second to last day you were there. You didn't ride any of the E tickets because you would have had to wait? It's almost as if you wanted something to complain about

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