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    The Polynesian, A Dole Whip Dispenser and Fish and Chips!

    So my boyfriend Phil calls me up on Friday and says, "Why don't you call and see what they have available at the Deluxe resorts at WDW for 2 nights"

    Ok, who are you and what have you done with with my honey? LOL So after calling the WDW line and finding availability just about everywhere we settled on the Polynesian. As I hadn't been there since I was a young child I was so excited to get back and enjoy it.

    Should you wish to see all the photos I took this weekend, please visit here.

    We arrived at the beautiful Polynesian and they had a room available right away!

    We had a short walk and took our bags to our rooms, taking in the scenery along the way.

    We arrived to our room and soaked in the Hawaiian atmosphere.


    Love this painting, I think it's just gorgeous.

    My daughter opted to sleep on the couch which was also a full size futon, I might add.

    Our view, which was right on the monorail line, you could hear but it wasn't crazy invasive.

    My daughter testing out the beds the only way she knows how.

    Ooga Booga! Teehee

    There was a nice piece of art that was left as a gift for us showcasing what went into the new Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary.

    But my daughter was getting antsy so we went to grab some lunch before heading to the pool.

    What a weird looking tree! LOL

    We went with Captain Cook's which was the counter service they had at the resort.

    They had the automated ordering system which I had never used before and was fun and interactive.

    I think the most important part of this shop was the this little beauty.
    Who wouldn't want Dole Whips (with no line) at their disposal?

    So after grabbing some lunch we headed to The Volcano Pool.

    It has fun little waterfalls and a water slide that goes through the volcano and it's pitch black in the middle! I'll have to take my daughter's word on that, I never went down it. LOL

    Next to the pool they had this fun little kiosk called the "Wii Tiki", get it?

    After spending about an hour at the pool (it was too hot to swim even!) we headed back to the room to get ready for EMH at the MK.

    We stopped at the store to buy Phil some flip flops and I just had to snap this adorable little scene.

    So C and I hopped on the monorail and headed to the MK!

    It's our room, right there on the end, on the ground floor! hehe

    Who installed stripper poles on the monorail? I kid! I kid!

    Almost MK time!

    But first a stop to purchase C's AP.

    Crowds weren't horrible but they got steadily worse as the day went on.

    C and I headed over to Liberty Square to have dinner.

    Decisions, decisions. No wait, no need, it just tells you what they are going to bring you!

    After, we headed over to the Haunted Mansion for a quick ride.

    I always see photos of a door in TR's at Disneyland, so when I saw this one at WDW's Fantasyland we just had to snap a pic. LOL


    As it was just too hot and humid we opted to go back to the room to cool off, as MK was open until 2 am that day we figured we could come back later in the evening.
    So we opted for the boat ride back.

    It was there we met up with BigPigletFan and JimmyBop.

    We did end up going back to the MK for EMH, some highlights..

    On the ground, some custodians got very creative with the rain puddles.

    How cool is this?!

    It was then we went on the Indy Speedway and my youngest daughter (sniffs) was now tall enough to drive her own car.

    But there is still a little girl in there as she next asked for her face to be painted. At least, that's what I told myself anyway.



    Then Piglet and I went for a ride on Goofy's Barnstormer.

    And checked out Minnie's House

    Tea anyone?

    The Donald

    Wild Animal!!

    Then we stopped by the Hall of Presidents as I hadn't seen the new show yet. I liked it, I thought it was tastefully done and we had no one booing in our audience, for the record.

    Then it was onto Big Thunder, I really enjoy this ride much better at night!


    Then we ended the night with a big jug of Whiskey. I'm kidding! We went on the Jungle Cruise.

    Then we dragged our wretched bodies back to the hotel at 1 am!!

    Stay tuned for Day 2 as we take on Epcot and Fish and Chips!

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    Re: The Polynesian, A Dole Whip Dispenser and Fish and Chips!

    nice report!! dole whips from machine?? wow
    I miss dole whips......... can someone mail me one??

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    Re: The Polynesian, A Dole Whip Dispenser and Fish and Chips!

    Great report, I love the Poly!
    I hope one day I get a chance to stay there

    Si vous voulez venir danser aussi, le ticket d’entrée n’est jamais gratuit.
    Il faut payer de sa vie.

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    Re: The Polynesian, A Dole Whip Dispenser and Fish and Chips!

    Fun report. Poly looks like an amazing place to stay!
    My Micechat cruise trip report, Part 1:

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    Re: The Polynesian, A Dole Whip Dispenser and Fish and Chips!

    We had a late start and even later breakfast but the morning was going just fine, we weren't in a hurry.

    We then grabbed the monorails for Epcot.

    I love this photo, C is all talk to the hand.

    We got stuck for about 15 minutes while they rotated in an express monorail so I snapped this pic.

    Time to spin!

    After snagging a Kim Possible FP we headed over just in time for WS to open. It was so crazy hot all weekend ( Summer in FL ) but everyone was in good spirits. I felt sorry for these guys though.

    We sought refuge in Mexico.

    Then we were off to get our Kimunicator.

    With a quick stop at our favorite sweets shop in Norway.


    Then we were off and had asked if we could start our quest in the UK Pavilion as we had reservations at the Rose in Crown for lunch. So we headed over to the other side of WS, stopping briefly at the two shops to browse for goodies.

    Love this shirt with the old logos on it.

    And I loved this shirt with a newerish? logo on it.

    As we had time to kill we stopped off in Canada. Probably my favorite outdoor country, Mexico being my favorite indoor.

    Then we stopped in to see O'Canada.

    Then it was time for lunch, so we headed over to the UK to check in.

    They sat us....outside. Ugh, no worries, just enjoyed the view! LOL

    The restaurant itself is not very large, they 2 dining areas inside and the pub with two rows of outdoor seating.

    The atmosphere is great though and our waiter was wonderful!

    We went with the cheese dish appetizer for two.

    I had the Fish and Chips

    Phil had the corned beef..

    and C had the kid's pizza.

    While we were sitting there we saw two launches coming from the direction of the Kennedy Space Center. Does anyone know if there was anything going up on Saturday?

    After a satisfying lunch we moved ahead with our top secret mission!

    Danger is my cup of tea.

    Then we started to head out and stopped at the Imagination Pavilion and Spaceship Earth.

    The new camera in the Imagination Pavilion

    Musical Feet!

    We did the Piggy Bank Adventure in Innoventions where you learn how to save money.

    This little piggy went to the stock market...

    And this little piggy was a loan..

    It would not be a proper day at Epcot without a trip on SSE.

    Ok, here is my penance to the Flash Photography gods. I almost never break the rule but I wanted to snap this scene because I wanted a photo of that radio on the right side, the round one. See, we own the exact same one in our garage, it still plays 8 track tapes! teehee

    Phil made the goofiest face possible and apparently if you have sunglasses on your head it confuses the computer. LOL

    Then we headed back to the Poly for the evening, we opted to walk from the TTC back to the hotel as it was right there.

    It was on our way back to the room that we discovered this magical place.

    The Neverland Club - A supervised dinner adventure for children.

    Turns out the Poly has this AWESOME club that children that are potty trained to 12yrs can go to for a few hours while mom and dad go have some fun of their own. Minimum is 2 hours and it's only $11.00 an hour and if they are there from 6-8 pm they get fed dinner!

    How cool is that! Well, it gets better, it's themed after Peter Pan, you walk into the building and you're in the Darling nursery and in order to get into the play area you have to walk out the window. That's right, the window.

    It had it's own private theater to show movies for the kids, an mini arcade with FREE games of umlimited play, a play area with game systems, a princess area with Disney dresses for dress up AND it was all themed to Peter Pan so the decorating is wicked cool!

    They didn't have anything this cool when I was growing up. LOL

    What an awesome option for kids, my daughter had a BLAST! They did crafts and she even made me a keychain!

    So fast forward through dinner, we ended up going off site for it, nothing special to report here.

    After we get C and we are walking back to the room I hear some familiar music being pumped out of the speaker system. I look at Phil and scream, "We have to get to the beach! I haven't seen this show since I was a kid!"

    So we haul but down to catch the last few minutes of the Water Pagent show. It's one of the cool little secrets that they do on Bay Lake every night. I haven't seen in over ..eww. maybe I don't want to say how many years. LOL

    To end the day we stopped off at the arcade and burned $25 bucks on games and went for a swim in the pool later to cool down.

    Overall it was a nice, relaxing weekend with a few minor setbacks but we still enjoyed ourselves. I'm exhausted, time for sleep!

    Good Night!

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    Re: The Polynesian, A Dole Whip Dispenser and Fish and Chips!

    Such a great report Summer! Absolutly loved, wonderful surprise from the BF and looks everyone had a magical time. Thanks for posting!!

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    Re: The Polynesian, A Dole Whip Dispenser and Fish and Chips!

    Great TR Summer!
    Quote Originally Posted by SummerInFL View Post
    Jesus, even I wouldn't eat that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wanda Woman View Post
    Turtle, the dorks are going to take upskirt robot pics.

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    Re: The Polynesian, A Dole Whip Dispenser and Fish and Chips!

    Fabulous TR, Summer! I luuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrved & enjoyed it lots!

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    Re: The Polynesian, A Dole Whip Dispenser and Fish and Chips!

    Nice TR with photos SummerInFL ! Thanks for sharing !

    I miss WDW a lot i wish i could be there now . Anyway may be next year as a Week Trip in November/December 2010 .

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    Re: The Polynesian, A Dole Whip Dispenser and Fish and Chips!

    Great TR, looks like you all had an amazing time!

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    Re: The Polynesian, A Dole Whip Dispenser and Fish and Chips!

    I'm glad you had a great time at the Poly, Summer! I love your pics and your family looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing!!!

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    Re: The Polynesian, A Dole Whip Dispenser and Fish and Chips!

    Fun report! Your daughter is lovely! I'm 119 days away from my trip to WDW!
    I want my cake back!

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    Re: The Polynesian, A Dole Whip Dispenser and Fish and Chips!

    great TR!
    Marquis d'Bod of the RCMC... always and forever

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    Re: The Polynesian, A Dole Whip Dispenser and Fish and Chips!

    Totally rockin' TR Summer...and does it get any better than having a dole whip dispenser in the lobby of your hotel? I don't think so.
    Just countin' the days til the next visit!

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    Re: The Polynesian, A Dole Whip Dispenser and Fish and Chips!

    I've eaten at Captain Cook's a few times. I love the Aloha pulled pork sandwich and the Hawaiian flatbread pizza thingy.

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