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    EPCOT Food & Wine Festival charging for Seminars

    So I looked and looked, and I maybe completely missed it, but it doesn't look like we've started talking about this yet.

    EPCOT's Wine Seminars this year will be $8. No more complimentary tastings and seminars.

    No more freebies at this year's Food and Wine Festival at Epcot

    That was just the first link that came up when I Googled it, not necessarily the best link.

    I mean it was bad enough Food Selections were down last year. It was bad enough there were less seminars offered last year. But now they arn't free.

    What upsets me about this is gone are the days of just showing up and walking in...last year it was hour + waits to get into the seminars. And for $8 and an hour long wait, I have had some excellent seminars that would be well worth the $8.

    But I have also had some lousy seminars that $8 would have been a rip off. But they were free, so I didn't care. But now I have to not only plan ahead of time to make it, I have to see if I think it is worth $8. Some more fun and spontaneity is gone.

    Its just one more bit of fun being stripped from the Festival.

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    Re: EPCOT Food & Wine Festival charging for Seminars

    I haven't looked at the site yet but i did get a disney rewards newsletter today talking about Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and Epcot Food & Wine. This is what they listed as a link/site to check out information.

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    Re: EPCOT Food & Wine Festival charging for Seminars

    Hmm, well I can understand why others would be upset about the charge, considering they never charged before but as we aren't wine drinkers I really can't say I have a problem with this.

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