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    Ultimate Haunted Mansion Video Tribute

    Martin's Videos is a website with some very interesting fan made videos. A friend of mine (@prd3000) recently helped Martin shoot some HD footage of the Haunted Mansion using low-light equipment and his 5DMII. The video is a little long, clocking in at about an hour, but showcases, with great detail, all aspects of the attraction that a regular day guest might encounter at the HM if the took the time to look around. The video also features a great mix of the rides soundtrack. If you have some time (and you know you do) give it a watch. You just might find something you didnt know was there before. I did.

    The Haunted Mansion WDW Ė 2009 Tribute in HD `Perfect Vision` video
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    Re: Ultimate Haunted Mansion Video Tribute

    This is the BEST video of the Haunted Mansion ever !!! I am a Mansion nerd big time !!! I could watch this all day
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    Re: Ultimate Haunted Mansion Video Tribute

    Just stumbled upon this thread and as soon as my darling hubby is done playing WoW, I'm so gonna' watch this! Thanks for posting the link!
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    Re: Ultimate Haunted Mansion Video Tribute

    Thank you so much for posting this! After watching that video, which was AMAZING btw, I spent my whole evening watching the other videos on the site! There's still more on there that I want to watch! I basically won't be leaving my house for the next few days...

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    Re: Ultimate Haunted Mansion Video Tribute

    It looks totally cool, but unfortunately, the video stutters and skips when I try to play it. And I have a pretty powerful computer. Anyone have any idea why I'm having problems with the video?

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    Re: Ultimate Haunted Mansion Video Tribute

    I don't have the stammering video problem. That said, I did post a nice little piece on what could have happened at TDL's version (with concept art) that I'm surprised wasn't part of the video.

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    Re: Ultimate Haunted Mansion Video Tribute

    Love the site! Watched a few minutes of the video but I'm at work so I'll watch the rest later. Looked amazing though! Thanks

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