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    I love the Contemporary. I me it's James Coburn, white turtleneck, jet set awesome. I feel sooo swank hanging with Mary Blair's Grand Canyon mural with a stolen vodkarocks and smelling the monorail whatever it is in the atrium. It's so incredibly dead late at night, like Logan's Run after the Carousel has closed.

    Ok..Nothing beats the fireworks and the wine bar at the California Grill. It has it's bad points but there can be at the right moment from the right point of view, something incredibly cool about the molting place. It's so 70s and sincere.

    Does anyone else feel the same way or am I the only drinker with plastic in his veins?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TicTocDragon
    Does nay body recommend going through Disney Travel for WDW?
    Or Is it a big
    I've always used them. But I book my own air because I can do better price-wise. You have to ask what discounts (if any) are available because they won't volunteer that information. Most of the CM's are very polite and do a good job, also I usually make a lot of changes to my orginal ressies and they are very good about that.

    And my favorite resort is the Yacht Club. The one thing I don't like about the Y & C Clubs is that there is no food court there.

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    My vote goes to Animal Kingdom Lodge. It is stunning, and hands down beats all. (I've visited or stayed at most of the others--I spent an entire day visiting them all the hotels two years ago.)

    Anywho, the Africa theming is the best, certainly the most exotic, and the grounds and pool area are lush and beautiful. The lobby is quite breathtaking. And the pool is open 24 hours!

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    My personal favorite is the Boardwalk. It's fun to spend the day in Epcot and then walk back to the hotel for a night of fun on the boardwalk.

    I am, however, dieing to try the Animal kingdom lodge and the polynesian. The themeing is awesome and Boma is awesome. The AK Lodge atrium at night is a beautiful spot to stroll especially after an amazing dinner at Boma.

    What do you all think of Jiko?
    (maybe this should be a new thread?)


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    My favorite without a doubt is the Polynesian. You hop off the monorail from the Magic Kingdom or Epcot and slip into a laid back world of the islands. The rooms are huge and the landscaping is so tranquil including the lobby. It's kind of like a decompression therapy returning from the hectic pace of the parks. As someone else said, I would live there if I could.

    Next, the Contemporary. Staying in the tower, facing the Magic Kingdom can't be beat. You have the views of the park, the fireworks and the water electrical pageant. If you can't stay in the tower don't spend the money on the "Garden View" rooms, you will have a much nicer stay spending your money on a deluxe moderate resort room. Staying in the Tower is very different from staying at the Poly. It's not relaxing, it's high energy but if that's what you like go for it.

    For me, staying at Caribbean Beach is the next best thing to staying at the Poly. Where you stay there can make a lot of difference though. Some rooms are far away from the central services and you may have a long walk to get to them. You should do some research before booking a room.

    Port Orleans French Quarter is also a keeper in my book. It's the smallest hotel on the property (only a 1000 rooms. lol) It's quiet and has boat transportation to Epcot.

    The All Star resorts are too crowded and over priced compared to off property choices. You can save a lot of money not using them.

    You may have noticed that I prefer a bit of calmness in my hotel after a day at the parks and that is true.

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    We've been lucky enough to stay at The Polynesian twice and The Beach Club once.

    Both were great. Love the monorail option with The Polynesian. And the wonderful smelling flowers. I enjoy the Volcano pool also. Breakfast at The Kona Cafe is yummy and O'Hana character breakfast is great.

    The Beach Club was also really nice. Missed the monorail but liked the friendship boats to Epcot and MGM. Rooms don't seem as ancient. Don't like Stormalong Bay for two reasons: 1. Limited the time you return from the parks it's closed. 2. Sand bottom...doesn't seem right in a pool.

    SO...I guess I like the Polynesian better!
    Lisa aka LuvSnowWhite

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    Orlando, Fl. I just moved down here from NY, and I live 1 minute from Walt Disney World!!!!
    I have made over 30 seperate trips to WDW, and have stayed each time on property. My favorites would go like this:

    Deluxe: Polynesian-- I love the theme of the Hawaiian Islands, it really relaxes you after running around the park. But at nighttime, well it becomes magical with the lit torches, and being able to see Wishes. I love the central location, looking out from the pool and seeing the MK, or being able to hop on the monorail. Its my fav, with Wilderness Lodge a close close close second

    Moderate: Caribbean-- I love the brightly colored buildings, the music by the pool. Whats better then having a drink by the pool and hearing some Jimmy Buffet?! On the downside, the food court is woefully inadequate, and the buses do seem to take very long.

    Value: I have stayed at these the least, but I would say it would be All-Star Movies. I was pleasantly surprised by the spacious pool and the nice food court. The buses moved pretty well. Although I dont see much of a difference in any of the value resorts, they all are the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Orville
    Does anyone else feel the same way or am I the only drinker with plastic in his veins?
    Nope, Orville... You're not the only one.

    I've yet to stay at Contemporary, but always stop there on my trips to WDW... very much for reasons you spelled out in your post. I love the austere "A-Frame" design and the sleek interiors. The monorail whizzing by while sitting at the Outer Rim bar promises an late 60's early 70's future that never came.

    The atrium of Grand Canyon Concourse is a great open space.

    Hopefully on a future trip I will be able to stay here. To get to the original question though...

    I've stayed at each of the four moderates with Coronado Springs being my favorite...OK...tied with Riverside....

    Last October had the good fortune of staying at the Polynesian... I was booked in the Contemporary for the first time (a garden wing, but hey..) and my room was moved due to some damage to the wings from the hurricanes.

    Anyway, I'm so glad I was moved! The Poly is the other wonderful early 70s Disney hotel. I was amazed at how a place could be so tacky and elegant all at once. I really felt like I was on vacation here sipping wine on the beach and watching the fireworks from Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. The tiki decor is fantastic and the lush landscaping was all encompassing and inviting. I really did have a sense of being in a different "place" here unlike any other Disney resort I've stayed at. For the first time I didn't feel like I was in Florida.. I didn't feel like I was in the South Seas even.. I just felt like I was in this magical place called Walt Disney World.

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    Re: Whats your Fav WDW Resort

    CSR is our favorite. We love the main pool area, the Pepper Market and the transportation.

    No sharing bus service with other resorts
    Centrally located with short rides to the parks
    Largest hot tub on WDW property
    Awesome main pool area with bar, snack bar, playground and kiddie pool
    3 quiet pools
    New shuttle service eliminates long walks to any of the villages
    High speed internet service
    WiFi available too
    Free use of the gym
    Fridge in the room
    Coffeemaker in the room
    Iron and ironing board
    full room service menu
    2 arcades
    beautifully landscaped
    central air, not a noisey wall unit

    Full size beds (kings size beds are available)
    one sink

    The Pepper Market is either a love it or hate it place. We love it but some folks just don't care for it.

    Convention resort - some guests don't like seeing other guests at work. Doesn't bother us and helps keep the buses empty. GF, Cont, BW, Y & B Club are also convention resorts.

    Check out my website below

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