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    Re: Magic Kingdom has the worst drinking water ever

    Oh, god, I LOVE this topic.

    Just came back from August WDW Trip. Consensus on Water Fountains:

    • Magic Kingdom = disgusting
    • EPCOT = delicious and ice cold! definitely the best of all parks!
    • Animal Kingdom = maybe one or two cold fountains; the rest..
    • MGM Hollywood Studios = depends. the one halfway through the line for TOT is ice cold and awesome! you have to search 'em out, here. but you can definitely get the good stuff.

    Yeah. I was "that person" refilling my bottle, too cheap to buy a new one.. :P
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    Re: Magic Kingdom has the worst drinking water ever

    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyIPresume View Post
    You think that's bad?

    The water at Disneyland is a mixture of groundwater, water from Northern California and the Colorado River, and recycled waste water!
    Lol I swear thats how all city water works.

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    Re: Magic Kingdom has the worst drinking water ever

    Ah yes the wonderful sulfur water of orlando.
    Despite the pipes used in disney that add that wonderful memorable taste, its also a combination of the water in all Lake Buena Vista, Orlando and Kissimee.
    Its not that bad once you get used to it sadly.
    But just be happy that Disney filters their water, and the water they use to water their plants.
    I used to live in this apartment complex about 5 minutes from the parks (near dtd) and every time they watered the lawn you just wanted to die from the smell. Rotten eggs everywhere.
    Like I said...gotta love that sulfur water.

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    Re: Magic Kingdom has the worst drinking water ever

    Yeah we've called that stuff coming out of the fountains swamp water for years. Passable only when cold enough otherwise to be avoided. It's part of Disney's subtle plan to make you buy bottled beverages.

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