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    TTA Preview: See Space Mountain Construction!

    Here it is:

    [ame=""]YouTube - TTA at WDW Preview[/ame]

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    Re: TTA Preview: See Space Mountain Construction!

    What all are they doing to space mountain?

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    Re: TTA Preview: See Space Mountain Construction!

    Kinda funny that they didn't at least cover up the areas where you go inside, and the TTA announcer is still talking about it as if it's running atm..looks like they're doing some work on the track and maybe cleaning up the roof etc.??
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    Re: TTA Preview: See Space Mountain Construction!

    Did the TTA ITSELF get any of the refurb?!

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    Re: TTA Preview: See Space Mountain Construction!

    I really hate how Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland has become so cartoony. I miss the way it was right after the refurb - Alien Encounter, Timekeeper, and Dreamflight (for some reason I would go on that 3 or 4 times in a row)

    All three of those being replaced by cartoons makes it more Fantasyland. Couldnt they have atleast given a more serious furture feel to TTA while it was down? The only thing furturistic on it is the Progress City model.

    I'm just so glad that Disneyland has somewhat kept to a more future feel.
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    Re: TTA Preview: See Space Mountain Construction!

    TTA got some new paint and a new lighting scheme, but it looks like that's it. Same spiel as before.

    I noticed they covered up the windows you go by in Space Mountain, so you couldn't see much of the track except for the top.

    Oh and as for what's being done to Space Mountain. I believe some track work, some new effects and an interactive queue. We'll know the extent of everything once it reopens around Thanksgiving.

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