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    More Walt Disney World - in 3D!

    Here are some more 3D stereograms I made of WDW. Crossing your eyes will converge the images, sending you into another dimension!

    (Check out the other thread for some helpful hints if you have trouble viewing them. )

    And if you start to feel dizzy, for the love of God, turn away!

    Magic Kingdom:


    MGM Hollywood Studios:

    And, uh, since we're in the neighborhood:

    Oh, and I also made an animated stereogram of the Haunted Mansion stretch room!

    [ame=""]YouTube - The Haunted Mansion Stretchroom (in 3D)[/ame]
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    Re: More Walt Disney World - in 3D!


    I tell ya, if Leota there had opened her eyes while I was cross-eyed, I would've shut the monitor off!
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    Re: More Walt Disney World - in 3D!

    Beautiful again!
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    Re: More Walt Disney World - in 3D!

    These are awesome, thanks!!

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    Re: More Walt Disney World - in 3D!

    Holy cow that was cool!

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