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    Will "Sum of All Thrills" force a re-adjusting of Innovention hours

    I'm just wondering if the new attraction, "The Sum of All Thrills" will force something that most of us want-longer operating hours for Innoventions. It would seem that the demand for this new High-Tech, Low Capacity attraction would be huge. With a capacity of less than 200 per hour, the managers of Epcot must be aware that a great many that want to sample this attraction won't be able to with Future World getting buttoned up at 7 pm each evening. Imagine a few more of these innovative attractions taking up residence in Innoventions and a brighter (Future) world of possiblities (when it comes to operating hours) opens up. I really hope that "The Sum of all Thrills" is wildly successful. It could be a whole new beginning for what has been a downward trend in expectations at Epcot.

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    Re: Will "Sum of All Thrills" force a re-adjusting of Innovention hours

    It would be nice, wouldn't it?

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