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    How can I check if Walt Disney World tickets are valid?

    I was going through some stuff and found a set (3) of Walt Disney World 5 day park hopper plus tickets. They are from 2004 and I seem to remember some confusion as to whether or not we lost them during our trip and purchased another set, I think this is the set we lost. Is there any way to verify if they are still valid through Disney? They do not appear to be used, meaning they are in very good shape, no bends, fold, tears or wearing (like from sliding through the main gate or using for fast pass). I've had some passes that look like hell from 5 days at the parks, these are pristine. Do I just show up at Walt Disney World and hope they work? Thanks....


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    Re: How can I check if Walt Disney World tickets are valid?

    You will have to go to Guest Relations at any of the parks or any one of the resort Lobby Concierge desks to have them scan your tickets. They will be able to tell you what is left on them, if anything.
    There have been times in the past that guests could call to find out what was on their leftover tickets, but not currently. I do wish that there was another way without actually going to Orlando. The Disney Stores aren't able to check them either.

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    Re: How can I check if Walt Disney World tickets are valid?

    The exact same thing happened to me for a trip last October - I found I had 2 4-day passes I'd also thought I'd never yet used, but had no idea what the real story was. And, yes, the only way I finally found out was when I had them check out their value at the hotel concierge desk. (Turned out one was as yet unused - the other only had 1 day left on it...)

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