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    Epcot's Universe of Energy Original Artwork

    Let's take a look at the original concept art for Epcot's Universe of Energy attraction.

    In my tribute to Epcot original artwork, we will today have a closer look to the original renderings for the Universe of Energy pavilion. This wonderful attraction takes us back 200 million years, to the age of dinosaurs, and then into the future. You can click on any picture to see them in bigger size.
    Is Everyone ready to travel back in time? Let's go!

    The first one above shows the exterior architecture of the wedge-shaped pavilion, by daylight. And here below is a picture of the WDI model.

    The two next renderings shows the original pre-show. This pre-show was changed when the new version of the attraction with Ellen De Generes opened. But the original one was stunning with this "Kinetic Mosaic" created by Czech filmmaker and artist Emil Radok.

    We have more original artwork to share on MiceChat partner site, Disney and More!
    Disney and more: Epcot's Universe of Energy Original Artwork

    Then come back here to discuss this classic Epcot attraction. Does it still serve a purpose? Should it be updated or reverted back to its original design?

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    Re: Epcot's Universe of Energy Original Artwork

    How unfortunate that I don't remember the original mosaic, it looks like it was beautiful to watch.

    This attraction is one that I find kitchy cute but in desperate need up an update. I think the length is what kills it for most people and the repeat factor isn't all that great.

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    Re: Epcot's Universe of Energy Original Artwork

    Seeing all this artwork really reminds me how much better I liked the old version of the ride than the current one with Ellen. That living mural preshow was awesome.

    Still, this attraction could use a massive dose of pixie dust today. All the movie segments are so boring and the dinosaurs are just a tiny portion of the whole ride.

    They could do much better in theater effects and really improve this classic attraction with today's technology.
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    Re: Epcot's Universe of Energy Original Artwork

    I agree with you on this one Dustysage. the original preshow was imo much interesting to watch. The current Ellen overlay is ok but still.. this pavillion could be so much more impressive. Granted, the 'energy" theme is hard to tackle in regards to being entertaining, and this is where Disney should excel...

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