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    EMH - Valid on Check Out day?

    I called the Reservations Center and, after being placed on hold for about two songs (a record for me), the answer is it should be okay. Should is the key word here.

    As I'm sure many of you know the EMH wristbands use your Resort ID for verification purposes. They recently started scanning these cards recently and the rumblings I've heard is that there have been problems with guests who have check out of their resorts.

    The question I pose is this: Is it the period of time you are checked in? Does it include the day you check out?

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    Re: EMH - Valid on Check Out day?

    I've been told that the Resort ID is valid until midnight of the day you check out

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    Re: EMH - Valid on Check Out day?

    The date on the card decides if you can get a wristband. If it says you check out on the 29th, then it is good for the EMH on the 29th.

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    Re: EMH - Valid on Check Out day?

    I have never had a problem getting bands in the morning or evening on days of check out.

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