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    Adventureland Veranda Re-Opened!

    Just a heads up if you're local and want a reason to go to the parks when it's super crowded... The Adventureland Veranda was actually open for business yesterday (though they were calling it Adventureland Refreshments).

    It's a quick lunch location, with cold sandwiches, chips, and fruit. No hot items (i.e. no kitchen usage). You pay at a register near the door and go pick up your food at the counter stations. They had CMs out front with menus to facilitate the ordering, since there's only one register and no overhead menu boards.

    There were tables inside where you could sit down and relax, and they had holiday decor in place, though I suspect this was because of the Very Merry Christmas Party.

    Pics are up at my blog if you want to see what it looks like: Parkeology: Adventureland Veranda Uncovered

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    Re: Adventureland Veranda Re-Opened!

    Very cool, I have never been in there before but always heard about looks nice and in decent shape inside

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    Re: Adventureland Veranda Re-Opened!

    Yes, that was open when we went for MVMCP in November. I have never seen it open outside of the party though, and I have been to MK a few times during November and December. I'm guessing you are right, that it is only open for the Christmas Party.

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    Re: Adventureland Veranda Re-Opened!

    Wow, that's cool. I've never actually seen that open before. Thanks for the pics!


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